YouTuber of the Week: Emma Blackery

Welcome back to CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week! If you’re new here, this is a weekly feature where we introduce you to some of our favourite content creators on the lovely platform that is YouTube. We’ll fill you in on who they are, why you should be watching them, and some of their best videos. Last week we talked about the wonderful Colleen Kelly. Now, introducing the current YouTuber of the Week: Emma Blackery!

YouTuber of the Week: Emma Blackery 2

Who is Emma Blackery?

Emma Blackery is a British comedy vlogger and pop-punk artist. She is most well known for her sarcastic sense of humour and tell-it-like-it-is personality. She currently has three channels on YouTube. Her main channel, emmablackery, is where all of her sketches, funny videos, and music-related projects come to life. She has fairly new side channel, Vloggery, where she discusses topics that interest her in a chilled-out, friendly atmosphere. She also runs a gaming channel, called Birdy Boots.

Outside of YouTube, Emma is also rather successful in the music world. She has already released four EPs since launching her career in 2012, her most recent one titled Sucks To Be You. This past spring, she supported one of her favourite childhood bands, Busted, on their ‘Pigs Can Fly’ Tour, and recently went on her own headlining tour in the U.K. She doesn’t post music on her channel frequently, but when she does, it’s bound to be top quality, like this original song she posted a few months ago.

Emma also has some unique interests that sometimes find their way into her videos. She is interested in the wrestling scene and often talks about it on her vlogging channel. Emma is also very interested in North Korea and is quite knowledgeable about its history and current situation. She made an informative video about the basic history of North Korea, and has also helped raise money for the charity ‘Liberty in North Korea’.

Why should you watch her videos?

There are a few different things to love about Emma. Whether you’re a fan of her musical style, her comedy, her overall personality, or all three, there’s bound to be something for almost anyone on one of her channels.

Her music is mainly pop-punk, and she plays guitar for some of the covers and original songs she posts on her channel. Also notable is her bold, outgoing personality. She isn’t afraid to make fun of things, including herself, for a good laugh. She has the self-deprecating, relatable humour that is quite popular on the comedy side of YouTube, but she’s always self-aware and puts her own special twist on it. Emma is also appreciated for her honesty. On YouTube, honesty and authenticity are the keys to creating a lasting connection with viewers and building a loyal community.

Emma has admitted to making some mistakes earlier on in her YouTube career. There’s no need to go into detail, but a few years back, she would say some not-so-nice things on Twitter about other YouTubers, and find herself in the midst of the latest YouTube drama. She built up a certain reputation for herself, and eventually, she decided that wasn’t who she wanted to be anymore. She’s owned up to her mistakes multiple times and apologized to people that she hurt.

She’s stopped checking her indirects on Twitter, doesn’t “spill the tea” about others, and she’s respectful of other YouTubers and their choices. Some people won’t let go of who she used to be, but others admire her for the brave change she was able to make. She taught a valuable lesson to her audience by making these changes to her lifestyle. She shows that it’s never too late to own up to your mistakes, apologize, change yourself for the better, and move on. Emma leads a drama-free, more positive lifestyle now, and encourages her followers to do the same.

That’s another great thing about Emma. She always shows genuine care and concern for her audience. Whether she’s replying to comments or making feel-good videos, behind her comedic side there is a kind, authentic person who comes out to shine in her more relaxed videos. In case you need any more convincing to check out Emma’s channels, here are some of her must-watch videos.

1. Sucks To Be You

To start off our list, we have Emma’s most recent single, from her fourth EP, both titled ‘Sucks To Be You’. This song can be categorized as classic pop-punk, a sassy breakup tune that definitely channels early-2000s Avril Lavigne and Paramore. With lines such as “I got up off my knees, now I’m in the magazines you read”, it is a perfect empowering song to listen to after a breakup. The video is colourful, bold, and serves just a perfect amount of sass. It may or may not feature Emma waving around a garden hose at her ex’s family party. Watch and find out!

2. If Websites Started Dating

This is one of the most popular videos on Emma’s main channel. In this comedy sketch, Emma personifies all of the major social media networks and shows how they would act on a date. She nailed every detail, big and small. Tumblr wears hipster glasses and argues with everything the date says, Facebook relentlessly suggests reading the same news article, and Snapchat disappears after a few seconds. The funniest part has to be Emma’s portrayal of a sad, confused Google Plus, a nod to one of her most popular videos about her disliking the platform. This video sums up Emma’s sense of humour pretty well: fast-paced, relatable, and a little edgy.

3. The Positivity Pledge

This video is one of the first on Emma’s newer vlog channel, Vloggery. In this video, she discusses a continuing issue online and on YouTube specifically: negativity versus positivity. Emma talks about how she always lingers on the negative comments instead of positive ones, and how that has negatively impacted her life. She used the metaphor of “if you meet 100 people and shake 99 hands, but the last person slaps you in the face, which one will you remember?” So, she decided to make this new channel a positive, safe place for both herself and her audience. Emma promised to reply to 10 positive comments if she catches herself responding to a negative one, and to remove any comments attacking other people. So far, the positivity pledge is still going strong on her channel!

4. Feel Good 101

Feel God 101 is a running series on Emma’s channel of motivational videos and discussions about some difficult topics. She usually speaks from personal experience about how she has tackled issues that have affected her, including bullying, depression, and lack of confidence. She speaks pretty honestly and openly, and it’s not hard to tell that she really cares about the well-being of her viewers. As Emma said in the first video: “This series is not going to change the world, but if I can change one person’s outlook on life, it will be worth it.”It’s safe to say that she’s achieved that goal.

5. How To Be British

To round off the list, we have another one of Emma’s classic comedy videos, teaching you how to be British. Aside from nailing the Queen’s accent and actually taking a bath in tea, she touched on all of the classic British stereotypes. This is another video that gives you a sense of Emma’s sarcastic and bold sense of humour.

So there you have it! Have we sold you on Emma yet? If so, subscribe to her YouTube channel here, her vlogging channel, and her gaming channel. You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Thank you Emma, for your awesome sense of humour, for always keeping things real, and for making pop-punk cool again. You have a wonderful fan community who will continue to love and support you.

YouTuber of the Week: Emma Blackery 3

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.