YouTuber of the Week: Colliscool

Another week has gone by, which means it’s time to introduce you to another YouTuber of the Week! Last time, we talked about Ben J. Pierce’s incredible videos, and before the that Sienna Mirabella and Miranda Sings were crowned with this title.

This week, CelebMix would like to introduce you to yet another awesome YouTuber; Colliscool!

Who is Colleen Kelly?

Colleen Kelly, better known by her YouTube name, colliscool, is an American comedy vlogger who refers to herself as a flop with trashy humor. (The part of her channel’s name that says ‘cool’ is, as she likes to say, “false advertising.”)

YouTuber of the Week: Colliscool 1

Coll joined YouTube in May of 2014 and currently has more than two hundred thousand subscribers. She gained popularity within the pop punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer’s fandom by making vine edits of the band as a creative outlet. She is one of the few “fangirl YouTubers” there are, and in a recent interview with us Coll said being this sort of YouTuber, and having a fan base with whom she shares similar interests, makes her feel like she “can be more [herself] and be more genuine.”

In one of her videos, “COLL DOES MAKEUP,” she spoke about how she is just like all of her viewers and the only difference is that she has followers. Her short skits and creative videos are relatable and funny in a way that helps her viewers feel less alone. Her videos tend to incorporate her love for musicians and anime, two things that her followers enjoy as well.

Why should you watch Colleen’s videos?

If you’re an introvert in one too many fandoms and you’re a fan of silly sketches and fairly random videos, then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Coll’s videos. From videos about what fanpages would be like in real life and “extreme” reaction videos to deep talks about life, you’ll most likely find more than a few of her videos entertaining. She’s also collaborated with YouTubers like Jessie Paege, Alexis G. Zall, and Amy Ordman and made fun videos with her sister Erin. Coll’s side channel, collislame, is a “messier” channel where she uploads random videos, vlogs, and gaming videos.

Below we’ve created a list of five of Colleen’s must-watch videos!


Colleen’s ‘IF 5SOS WERE SIRI’ video is her most viewed video on YouTube. With almost six hundred thousand views, this video accurately depicts what the Aussie band 5 Seconds of Sumber would be like as Siri. The videos success led to Coll creating a sequel video after he release of the band’s second studio album, Sounds Good Feels Good.


Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about other worlds and people who have no clients you exist? We definitely have and so has Colleen! It’s completely normal — or at least we hope it is.


In this video Colleen describes what she like to be “emo.” No, she’s not referring to the kind of emo who wears black and listens to My Chemical Romance all day, though Coll does relate to this definition of emo as well. What she’s referring to is the feeling of being incredibly sad and empty, perhaps as you contemplate life and it’s meaning.


Are you guilty of being one of those people who spend most of their time on the internet? If so, congratulations, you’re what Colleen likes to call an internet! If not, then you are an outernet and you most likely not understand most of Coll’s videos, or most internets.


In this video, Colleen opens up to her viewers through some of the things she loves most; animation and video editing. This video is like her own type of “Draw My Life” video, where she talks about what her life was growing up. She speaks out about how the internet, the music and YouTubers she loves, and all her followers have helped her less alone.

Congratulations to Colleen Kelly on being named YouTuber of the Week for CelebMix this week! You are the coolest flop on the block and we would like to thank you for being such a relatable, funny, and understanding person!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Coll’s channel, colliscool, here and check out her videos! Make sure to check back next week to see who our YouTuber the Week will be and share your suggestions.

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Written by CelebMix