10 Ariana Grande Songs That Are Even Better Live

A little over one month ago, Ariana Grande released her third studio album Dangerous Woman. Since then, Grande has confirmed that there is going to be a tour for the album!

It’s been over eight months since her last tour ended, so we’re going to need to be prepared for all the new songs that will be sung live.

Ariana’s vocals develop more and more each day and are visibly always improving. To back up that statement, here are 10 of her songs that sound even better live than they do in studio form.

10. Tattooed Heart

9. Leave Me Lonely

8. One Last Time

7. Be My Baby

6. Greedy

5. Break Free

4. Side to Side

3. Dangerous Woman

2. Why Try

1. Honeymoon Avenue

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Written by CelebMix