10 Best Selfies From Ryan Minaj’s Instagram

Ryan Kent (mostly known by his pseudonym Ryan Minaj) is a rising YouTube star. His channel has almost reached 300,000 subscribers. Ryan lives in LA with his friends who are also YouTubers, Nick Laws and Ellie.

The young YouTuber is also a huge Instagram enthusiast. Ryan actually has two IG accounts (@ryannminajj and @ratnamedryan)! He posts everything, from flawless selfies to photos from his trips.

However, we decided to pick ten of our favourite Ryan’s selfies from his main account and we made a list of them for you below!

10. When he was feeling himself


9. We’re all jealous of Ryan’s phone case, aren’t we?


8. When he dressed like this


7. When he got his lip pierced


6. We all just really love this one


5. When he found a friend with the same eye colour


4. Look at these lips! We’re all heart-eyes emoji…


3. This one doesn’t even need a caption


2. The one time he totally rocked the Kylie Jenner lipkit


1. There’s something about this one that makes us really weak


Do you like Ryan’s Instagram? Which of his selfies are your favourites? Do you like his YouTube videos? Make sure you let us know on Twitter (@CelebMix) or in comments below!

Written by CelebMix