10 of our favourite underrated 5SOS songs

5SOS have released 2 studio albums and several EPs featuring the hit singles, “Jet Black Heart“, “She’s Kinda Hot“, “Good Girls“, “Amnesia“, and finally “She Looks So Perfect“. But what about those songs on the albums that don’t get as much recognition and aren’t as popular? We have chosen 10 songs that we think deserve more attention than what they’re actually getting.

If You Don’t Know


Featured as one of the tracks on the Don’t Stop – EP (2014), “If You Don’t Know” still remains unrecognized by thousands of fans around the world. The lyrics in the song have a deeper meaning and portray true heartbreak than what fans hear as a semi-upbeat tone and something you could definitely dance around in your bedroom to.


“Disconnected” appears on the She Looks So Perfect – EP (2014). We believe still to this day, Disconnected deserves more recognition. Believe it or not, some fans have complained and demanded that Disconnected be a single, which we 100 percent agree with. The song’s catchy tune and lyrics is perfect for a late night jam sesh in the car with some of your best friends.

I Can’t Remember

Although this song only features the voices of Michael Clifford and Calum Hood, “I Can’t Remember” is still one of the best studio recorded songs that we think the boys have ever done, yet it goes unnoticed by many fans. The lyrics make plenty of references to having a good time at a party and not being able to remember one bit of it. This song is perfect for a house party or even a small get-together with your friends.

Also, is anyone else Malum af? We are!

Too Late

The song “Too Late” appears on the Unplugged – EP (2012). We think this song needs more credit where credit is due and it’s definitely one of our old time favourites. The voices of Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings are heard throughout the track, which made our hearts melt. Too Late is the song to listen to when you’re alone doing some homework or catching up on some light reading.

Close As Strangers


“Close As Strangers” is featured on 5SOS’ debut album 5 Seconds of Summer (2014). This song is quite different than any of the tracks that 5SOS have recorded because of the meaning of the lyrics and the overall slowness of the song. This is definitely a track you could find yourself getting lost in and is perfect for a car ride on a rainy day.

Tomorrow Never Dies

“Tomorrow Never Dies” is featured on the Target edition of their debut album. The song is all about carrying on and never giving up when you feel certain situations in your life are getting a bit difficult. 5SOS have clearly depicted the true meaning of this song with catchy lyrics and sick harmonies. Did anybody catch the high harmony in the chorus? We’re blown away. This song is perfect for when you’re feeling down and out and need a little motivation.

San Francisco

Featured on their newest album Sounds Good Feels Good, “San Francisco” made our eyes water and our hearts beat a mile a minute. This song reminds us so much of Disconnected, which made us fall more in love with the song. 5SOS definitely kept the element of romance and wishful thinking when writing the lyrics to this awesome track and for that, we salute them. This song is perfect for snuggling up with that special someone.

Independence Day

“Independence Day” is also featured on 5SOS’ debut album. This song is about being independent and moving on, which is perfect if you’re moving on from something or you’ve recently ended it with someone and you’re going through a tough break up. We think 5SOS made this song as a theme song for all independent people. This is definitely their calling and therefore, needs more recognition.

Never Be

Okay, this song is probably our favourite track out of the entire debut album. No joke.

“Never be” had our heads banging, toes tapping, and throats burning as we enjoyed listening to this track. This song taught us to live in the moment and spend every moment we have doing something crazy because life is unbelievably short. If you and your friends ever feel like doing something spontaneous, this song is for you. 5SOS have made yet again, another amazing song that isn’t getting as much attention as their other songs.


Mrs. All-American

And finally we wrap it up with another crazy and amazing 5SOS track, “Mrs. All-American” which appears also on their debut album. Now this song is crazily interpreted in 2 different ways. One theory is that 5SOS wrote this song about being in love with an American girl and another is about being in love with a married American girl. Many fans, received the second theory from the “Mrs” in Mrs. All-American.

Regardless of what this song is about, we still think it’s one of the best songs 5SOS have ever put out.

What are some underrated 5SOS songs that you think should get more attention? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @CelebMix.


Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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