10 of Kellin Quinn's Best Instagram Posts

10 of Kellin Quinn’s Best Instagram Posts

Kellin Quinn (known as the front man for the band Sleeping With Sirens) has gained quite a following in the rock scene.  His Instagram has 1.5 million followers alone.

Although Kellin is a rock star, family seems to still be very important to him.  He has a daughter named Copeland with his wife Katelynne Quinn as well as two step-sons named Rowan and Liam.

Kellin’s Instagram consists of posts of his family, selfies, concert footage, fan art, merch, and even art he made himself.

Out of the thousands of posts so far, here are our recent top 10 favorites!

10. When he took this adorable photo with his daughter Copeland


 9. When he shared a photo from his concert


8. When he showed some love for his band mates


7. When he went bowling with his daughter Copeland


6. When he got to see his daughter Copeland backstage


5. When he went to visit his siblings


4. When he shared his family snowball fight


3. When he shared a photo with his wife Katelynne


2. When he shared a photo of his children together


1. When he shared one of his many selfies


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Written by Melanie Gomez

Hi! I'm Mel. I enjoy sharing my love for music through my writing and concert photography. Another goal? To make people smile. You can find me on Twitter @melaniexgomez and Instagram @MelanieGomezPhotography. For professional inquiries, please email: MelanieGomez_@hotmail.com