10 of AjayII’s Funniest Reaction Moments

One of YouTube’s Queen Reactors, AjayII, has produced countless iconic moments for her viewers. 

The YouTuber’s channel centres on reactions to the music industry’s biggest stars and their new music. Forever opinionated and full of charisma, AJayII has become quite the internet sensation. CelebMix picks out 10 of her funniest moments, in no particular order…

  1. Lorde’s ‘Sober’

Producing iconic phrases such as, “Come on Lorde-y”, “Lorde, you are coming through with these goddamn instrumentals b**ch” and “Lorde there is a reason there is a goddamn ‘e’ behind your name, because you are extra and I love it”, AjayII’s reaction to the track ‘Sober’ might well be her funniest.

  1. Judging Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ too quickly

“I judged too fast!”, AjayII realises after spending a dramatic couple of minutes pausing Ariana Grande’s single after reacting to the lyric “I met someone else” too quickly.

3. Sweetner was not the one…

For a masterclass in looking confused and underwhelmed, check out AJayII’s reaction to Grande’s record Sweetner. “Girl… this was a mess”, the YouTuber realises, “I don’t know about this one y’all”. Hey, it makes for a hilarious video tho!

  1. “I was not ready!”

AJayII labelled ‘Ready For It’ her favourite ever Taylor Swift track. This reaction is six minutes of disbelief, hair whipping and a lot of “b**ch”s.

  1. When Camila Cabello came through with ‘OMG’

One track that has a very special place on AJayII’s channel, when she heard ‘OMG’ for the first time there was not much time spent sitting still… “This b**ch came to slay”, “I had to take a break” and a disappointing “Oh, he got a verse” for Quavo’s part are three highlights.

  1. Camilla Cabello may have dropped ‘OMG’, AJayII didn’t…

Camila Cabello may have decided not to include ‘OMG’ on her debut self-titled record, and that did not go down too well with AjayII. No worries though, a dramatic moment of silence and quick acapella cover of it at the start of that album reaction made sure her viewers wouldn’t be forgetting that track anytime soon.

  1. AjayII meeting a theremin for the first time

In Børns album track ‘Supernatural’ the eccentric pop star plays with a rare instrument called a theremin. A theremin creates extra-terrestrial like high wails and AJayII seemed to think it is the singer’s own voice…

  1. Dua Lipa’s deep vocals

Seconds into AJayII’s Dua Lipa album reaction, the YouTuber is shocked by how deep the star’s voice is. And that face is priceless…

  1. AjayII is shocked at the new Taylor Swift

Again, the whole of the YouTuber’s reacion to Swift’s album Reputation is gold. One fan favourite is ‘I Did Something Bad’. “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Taylor Swift curse”, AJayII squeals with excitement.

  1. Shawn Mendes’ failure to get the crowd going

In a video reacting to all of the MTV VMA performances, it was when AjayII saw audience members, including members, not participating to Shawn Mendes’ attempt to rally the crows that she couldn’t keep her laughter in.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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