10 reasons why Little Mix should have their own movie

Little Mix can do anything; whether you want them to sing, dance, act, roller-skate, stand on their heads, they’ll try their hardest at it and will probably do a pretty good job, so, why haven’t they had their own movie yet?

It would surely make all of the Mixer fandom’s dreams come true if we were given the chance to see our fave four on the big screen, so, here are ten reasons why a Little Mix movie is an absolute must.

1) They’re amazing at acting

We’ve all seen the famous case of Betsy and Wilma, which only gave us a taste of what the girls’ can do acting wise, surely. If something they filmed messing around on set as a joke can be that dramatic, we want more.

2) Their accents are perfect

Whether it is Australian, American, Scottish or Irish, the Little Mix girls know how to pull off an accent or two. I mean, Jesy’s Jamaican accent alone should be enough to land her a Hollywood blockbuster role.

3) Their music videos are practically mini movies

The girls never settle for any old music video and love to push the boat out. Their videos always have plots and, if they can practically squeeze a movie into three minutes and however many seconds, just imagine an entire LM Movie. Just watch DNA, Black Magic or Love Me Like You to see what we mean.

4) Hatchi needs his big break

Perrie’s famous pooch pretty much stole the show in the girls’ ‘Hair’ music video, his performance was Oscar worthy. He was born to have his name up in lights so it seems only right and just that he gets his big chance.

5) Imagine their premiere outfits

The girls know how to slay a red carpet anyway so can you just imagine their outfits for their own movie premiere? That is something we need in our lives.

6) Imagine the soundtrack

Need we say more? A Little Mix movie soundtrack is something the world needs to hear.

7) They can pull off any emotion

Whether you want them to star in a rom-com, thriller or action film, the girls will step up to the plate. They’ll cry if you want them to cry, fight if you want them to fight, they’re masters of emotions.

8) Picture the cameos

These girls have an endless list of famous friends. They know everyone from Jason Derulo to 1D from Kelly Rowland to Miss Elliott.

9) It’s their dream anyway

The girls have always spoken about wanting to do a movie, so why not let that dream become a reality? They would pour their hearts and souls into it!

10) Mixers would love it

We, as a fandom, would not take a Little Mix movie lying down. We’d camp outside the cinemas, wait for them on the red carpet, take everyone we know to go and see it three thousand times, we’re a dedicated fandom and we need a LM movie in our lives.

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Written by CelebMix