10 reasons why we love Lauren Aquilina

It’s not everyday you come across someone who is talented and beautiful but is also one of the most genuine and kind hearted people to walk the earth. However, Lauren Aquilina is one of these people and I feel honoured to say I’m a fan of her music. If you haven’t heard of Lauren before, expect big things from this lovely lady in the very near future, here at Celebmix we know that Lauren is going to smash it big time in the music industry when her debut album comes out. We’ve cut down our long list of reasons why we love Lauren to just ten, which was hard, but below you’ll see why we think Lauren Aquilina is someone to look out for.


She got invited by Taylor Swift herself to support her at the Hyde Park, London date on the 1989 tour.

If this isn’t the definition of amazing we have no idea what is, Lauren was invited by Taylor to support her at Hyde Park after Taylor had previously tweeted Lauren to say that she loved her music. What a compliment!



She understands what it is like to be a fangirl.

This to me, is actually really important, it makes people connect with you more because a simple thing like showing your love for a celebrity makes you likeable and relatable, it shows you are human which is important because so many people forget that celebrities have feelings too. Along with being a fangirl comes meeting your favourites something with Lauren smashed. She set our goals high for ‘meet and greet’ photos (ok, so this isn’t a meet and greet photo but if it was wow, just wow).

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She’s only 20 but has released independently a trilogy of EP’s.

And here comes the jealousy, whilst still at school she released three EP’s, Fools, Sinners and Liars. As of October 2014 over 100,000 copies of her EP’s have been sold!

You can by the Fools EP here: https://itun.es/gb/j9KsH

Sinners EP: https://itun.es/gb/RyNCN

Liars EP: https://itun.es/gb/2eOnW



She is signed with Island Records and Universal Music Group.

Island Records have signed some of the hottest talent out in the music in at the moment including; Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, McBusted and Lawson. Universal Music Group look after the likes of Maroon 5, One Direction, Taylor Swift and Sam Smith. It’s safe to say Lauren has good company.



As well as making us insanely jealous at the fact shes living her dream and signed to some of the biggest people out there, her music is breathtaking.

I’m not being dramatic, Lauren’s music will make you smile, laugh and cry. It is a prime example of the fact that music is a language we can all speak, you don’t have to be particularly good at English but you understand the emotion in the songs.

My favourite song by Lauren is called King. It such powerful song which I think everyone who feels alone should listen to, there are many a times where I play this song on repeat because I’m feeling a little low and this song always makes me feel better. If I could take credit for writing any song in the world I wouldn’t choose a chart topping song I would choose King because I think its beautiful; it is honestly one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard.



Shes sneaky yet clever.

Lauren and started and ended her trilogy of EP’s with the same words, making it like a cycle and to show that the EP’s told a story. I think its so very clever because if you hadn’t listened to the first and last song you would not realise they shared the same lyric.

Those hardest to love need it most.’ – First lyric of the first song on the Fools EP (which is the first. I feel I’ve said first a lot).

Those hardest to love need it most, but my hearts already broke.‘- Last part of the lyrics from the last song of the Liars EP (which is the last EP).



She seems like your best friend.

Even if you haven’t met or seen Lauren she seems like your best friend, all her tweets are chatty and like what you would expect from your best friend; I have no idea if that makes any sense but to me personally, I feel like Lauren is one of my closest friends.



She’s a HUGE teaser!

Normally this drives me up the wall a little bit when people drop hints and post about new music but when Lauren does I get a bit too excited for my own good! I think its because Lauren is just as excited to release new music as we are to hear it!



She loves touring!

We love going to tours and hearing new music and we know most artists enjoy touring but Lauren always seems to genuinely enjoy it so so much.


Her dress sense is incredibly cute and I want everything.

No seriously, everything she wears is so cute. I basically want to go shopping with her.

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So, there we have it, a very brief run down why we love Lauren Aquilina. Also, probably a run down of why we want to be best friends with her and see her live because that is yet to happen but hopefully it will do soon!

Lauren’s new album doesn’t have a release day just yet but when it does expect another update on here as personally I cannot wait to hear it!

Written by CelebMix