10 Twenty One Pilots Fan Tattoos You Need To See

Twenty One Pilots are an American two-piece band that formed in 2009, and are made up of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. The band originate from Ohio and have released two albums independently, as well we releasing another two albums through American record label, Fueled By Ramen.

10 Twenty One Pilots Fan Tattoos You Need To See 1

Fans of the band, also known as the Clique, share their experiences of being inspired by Twenty One Pilots every day. Whether that’s through art, writing, or even just by staying alive. Our understanding of the message that the band sends out is to make people think, and to live, create, and do the right thing. Their music expresses that if you’re going through a rough time, you live through it and you come out of it better than you were before. So, without further ado, here are our 10 Twenty One Pilots fan tattoos we think you need to see!

10. The band logo

A band logo is always a very common tattoo for fans of the band to get done. Luckily enough, the Twenty One Pilots’ logo is very simple and enables the fans individually to put meaning to it.


9. ‘Stay Alive’

‘Stay alive’ is taken from the duo’s song ‘Truce’, released on their third album, Vessel. This tattoo also features the band’s logo.

8. Peace will win. Fear will lose.

Twenty One Pilots lyrics are some that fans can often find themselves living by. ‘Peace will win, fear will lose’ is taken from from ‘Car Radio’, one of the band’s most famous songs. The song is all about how music can be used a distraction to stop you thinking too much; in other words, music can prevent your mind from drifting off to places you don’t want it to go.


7. Truce

This is another ‘Truce’ inspired tattoo with the lyrics ‘stay alive’, along with two commonly known logos associated with Twenty One Pilots. It’s all been combined into a neat design, connecting it all together.


6. Reverse the red, it’ll be blue

This lyric tattoo is combined with the skeleton and alien logos that the band are commonly known for. It also has the blue and red colour scheme, associated with the ‘Vessel’ era. An old tweet of the band’s, which is now deleted, said, “The Blue’s Never Gone. Reverse the red, it’ll be blue. Fight off your demon, and you’ll see the hue”.

5. Heavydirtysoul

‘Death inspires me, like a dog inspires a rabbit’. This minimalistic tattoo might not look like much to any other passerby, but it holds deep meaning to the individual who got it. The lyric, ‘death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit’ is taken from ‘Heavydirtysoul’, which was recently released on Blurryface as the first track on the album.

4. In the band’s handwriting

Now, this may look like another lyric tattoo, but this one is written in Tyler’s and Josh’s own handwriting! This is dedication.

3. Not today

‘Not Today’ is taken from Twenty One Pilots’ most recent album, Blurryface. This person even got their own heartbeat tattooed along with the song title.

2. Holding on to you

‘I’ll be holding on to you’ is a lyric from the duo’s song, ‘Holding On To You’, and it’s paired up with two logos associated with the band, the skeleton and the alien, along with a very precise, yet simple drawing of hand holding. We think this one is just beautiful and incredibly creative!

1. Vessel

Our final tattoo in this list is like a blacked out, stylised design with the word ‘Vessel’ written in the different shapes. ‘Vessel’ is the name of the band’s third album, but first album released via a record company. The tattoo in this image is similar to Tyler Joseph’s own tattoo on both of his arms.


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Written by Georgia Brown

A 20 year old from the UK. I like bands and video games. If you believe in music like I do, I'm sure we'll get on well.