The platinum ARIA accredited artist Ziggy Alberts is back and does what he does best. Hailing from Australia, the singer/songwriter shares the first release of 2022 in the form of ‘TATTOOS.’ 

Ziggy Alberts is a household name by this point. Alberts has pushed for the importance of self-expression ever since the release of the ‘searching for freedom’ project that landed #1 on the AIR Album Chart (Independent Labels) and #5 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums chart.

The new single ‘TATTOOS’ inhibits the Ziggy Alberts signature melody, which is light and smooth in vocals but may hit the spot with lyrics picking at the current identity crisis. Alberts elaborates on the theme: “It’s about our current identity crisis, lockdowns, self-care, grounding, and the importance of self-expression. I really enjoyed sneaking in some of my own self-care rituals in this story; carbon balms, cymatics, mycelial relief, and ceremonial cacao.”

The moral of the story is Ziggy Alberts’ ethos to live in the moment and understand we are all the same. ‘TATTOOS’ is a sister song to ‘don’t get caught up,’ out of ‘searching for freedom’ that similarly urges empathy and faith in humanity. 

‘TATTOOS’ evokes a level of lightness that we need more of during these unprecedented times. Keep them coming, Ziggy Alberts. 

Written by Emma

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