100% Capri Influences The Mosaic Of High Fashion

Under the guidance of founder and CEO Antonino Aiello, the maverick luxury brand 100% Capri  is doing more than changing the way affluent consumers dress. 

100% Capri has in fact drove an inflection point in the growth of linen, unlocking the luxury ready-to-wear market for the fabric. 

Aiello’s breakthrough with 100% Capri came in identifying a crucial market that was under-served by the leading luxury conglomerates such as Kering, Richemont, and LVMH. 

This was the seasonal resort space- where products from most high end designers didn’t fit the vacation spirit and weren’t airy, breathable, light, and fun….while still maintining a distinguishing aesthetic. 

Realizing this, Aiello embarked on a journey to take the lightness and breathability of linen and develop it into a more sophisticated, distinguished fabric that could serve the dual purposes of function and fashion. 

To do this, Aiello implemented a data and research team to study the weather patterns and climates of the areas his stores were based- from St. Barts to Capri- so that he could reverse-engineer his fabrics to complement the climates his line would be worn in. 

Out of this scientific process was born a sophisticated, functional, and fun new generation of luxury linen that showed the fashion market the untapped versatility and potential of the linen market. 

Today, Aiello and 100% Capri’s legacy greatly transcends just holiday fashion.

The brand is widely renowned as a market-driving disruptor that’s been able to push boundaries and influence the mosaic of high fashion.  

Written by CelebMix