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18 Reasons Why We Love Shawn Mendes

Everyone better be ready because it’s almost Shawn Mendes’ birthday and CelebMix is here to celebrate. To show our support for this beautiful human, here are 18 reasons why we love him!


If you’re wondering who Shawn Mendes is. He is a Canadian singer/songwriter who began his journey through Vine. As social media increases in our lives, he became someone people wanted to know. From touring with Taylor Swift to releasing his debut album, Handwritten, Shawn even scored a platinum in America for his single “Life Of The Party”!


Let’s get started…


18. Shawn’s Smile

Wait-what? Sorry we just got so distracted by his lovely smile. Does it have some kind of power because in all honesty, it can brighten anyone’s day. Don’t believe us? Just look at him, we can’t turn away!

17. His Personality

Shawn’s personality is a life of its own. He’s funny, kind and intelligent – all great combination. With this, he really radiates and lights up a room because Shawn has the ability to just make people happy.


16. Shawn + Music = Life Complete

From his smash hit “Life of The Party” Shawn has created a masterpiece out of Handwritten. His music is real, relatable and truly touches our heart. Although he has mentioned that he does not really write songs based on his past experience, his storytelling is quite intriguing. Not to mention with some of his new songs on his upcoming album, Illuminate, being released it showcases the talent this man has!


15. More Than Just A Singer

Yes, we know that Shawn can sing and write but we need to take the time to appreciate his skills with the guitar. Whenever his fingertips touch those strings and produce beautiful melodies, we can never get enough. Shawn, his voice, and guitar will always be one of our favourite things to hear.


14. Shawn’s Love For Music

If you can’t already tell, Shawn puts his heart on his sleeve whenever he performs. Like we’ve mentioned, combining his musicality, he is able to make us enter a whole new world. He lets us experience his passion and understanding of music. Being able to hear and see his face when he performs is truly a sight. It inspires us to follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. Go Shawn go!


13. Laughter makes others laugh!

You think we would stop with just a smile, you are wrong. Similar to Shawn making us smile, he has the same effect with his laugh. Sometimes if he’s laughing super hard, he will cover his face and it is just the cutest thing ever. What more can we ask from this boy?

13. Family Guy

Can we just agree on the fact that Shawn loves and appreciates his background so much he got a tattoo that outlines the CN tower and the woods? Not only that Shawn also explained that, “The soundwave here that looks like buildings is actually an audio of my parents saying I love you.” via Perez Hilton.


12. His Love For The Fans

The fans are always there to support him no matter what and Shawn also tries his best to show gratitude. For example, not many people do this for the fans but Shawn makes sure he tweets his ‘good mornings’ and ‘goodnights’ and casually replies back to the fans daily. Some people may not think of that as a huge deal but by being noticed by the ones you love is special and just something you can never unexperience.


11. Snapchat For The Win?

We love any second we can get of Shawn and with him sharing his everyday basis with us through Snapchat, it lets us see deeper into his life. If you haven’t added him yet, you need to right now! (shawnmendes1)


10. His eyes

Do we really need to say more? C’mon the eyes really do speak for itself. Be careful, if we stare for too long, he might just put us all under a spell.


9. Instagram Also For The Win?

That boy really knows how to please his fans with beautiful pictures. Not only does he share photos of him while performing, he also shows behind the scenes of his crazy tour. Here’s him with Jacob Tremblay as they casually hang out.

8. Pick-up Line With Mendes

This can’t get any cuter. Shawn is ready to be your gentlemen and tells you all the good things you want to hear. Everyone must remember, although Shawn is asking if it hurts when we fell from heaven, you can easily ask that question back to him. Now that’s what we call a win-win situation!


7) Shawn + Tomatoes = Shawmatoes

Yes, we just made Shawmatoes a thing. All in all, everyone loves Shawn just as much as they love food. Shawn loves food, so what more is there to say?


6.Positive Message

Clearly seen in the music video of  “Treat You Better”, Shawn raises awareness on the topic of domestic violence and relationships. It’s a great reminder for everyone to understand that whenever we’re not feeling comfortable or safe in any situation, there will always be someone to help out because we’re never alone. With a kind heart like this, who wouldn’t love him?


5. A+ for Mendes’ Style

At CelebMix, we love Shawn’s style. It represents the definition of comfortable and expressive. By that meaning, you should be able to wear whatever you want while feeling comfortable and just loving yourself. 


4. ‘And Action!’

As some of you may have heard, Shawn has made his acting debut on ‘The 100’. With this cameo it really showcases the wonderful talent he has to offer the world. We predict more cameos appearing in the future. Let’s hope our prediction is right!


3. Cutie Patootie

Is it even possible to look super adorable while being scared? Well Shawn Mendes somehow did that and we cannot get enough of it. In all honesty, his presence just makes everything better!


2. Canadian Pride

Of course, this had to be mentioned. Shawn really does take pride in being Canadian and if that tweet doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what does. We love the love!


1. Shawn Mendes

It’s hard to believe that at almost 18 years old (2 more days – whoop, whoop), he has achieved so much with still numerous amount of talent to offer the world. Sometimes being in the industry that he is in turns thing sour but with Shawn, he is able to remain humble and grounded. He enjoys spreading the love of music and positive energy while maintaining to be himself. One of the greatest gift someone can give is to share and educate others on their experiences. With much more experiences to come, Shawn has already taught us so much and we thank him for helping many fans to love what they love and do what they do.


The world needs more of Shawn Mendes and like said, we see a great future ahead for him. How much do you love Shawn Mendes? Comment below, or tweet us at @CelebMix! We’d love to hear your thoughts.   

Written by CelebMix