#1YearofJetBlackHeart by 5SOS – One Year of Inspiring and Touching Hearts

It feels as if it was just yesterday when 5SOS finally shared with us that one song that made the whole 5SOS Fam an emotional wreck. Now we celebrate one year of it and we cannot be thankful enough for these Australian lads.

This time last year, 5 Seconds of Summer released the track “Jet Black Heart” which is a song off of their sophomore album. Since then fans have praised and loved the boys even more for writing such an emotional and meaningful tune that touched hearts everywhere.

To commemorate the mark of JBH’s first year, fans have trended the hashtag #1YearofJetBlackHeart on Twitter. The hashtag thread consists of fans thanking the boys, celebrating its first year, and how the song was relatable to most teens out there. We’ve added some of the fans’ reactions below:

As for us over here at CelebMix, we are very thankful to 5SOS for writing such an amazing tune and we love them from the bottom of our hearts! We can’t wait for more inspiring music from our favourtie Aussie boys! The boys music has helped so many fans emotionally and we wish for it to stay that way.

What are your reactions about JBH marking it’s first year? Tweet us @CelebMix or @CelebMix5SOS! We’d love to hear what you have to say.


Written by CelebMix