2015’s king of rap: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar grabbed everyone’s attention when he featured on Big Sean’s song ‘control’ back in 2013.

The track heard Kendrick ripping into most other well-known rappers for selling out to the industry. It was not that long ago when Meek Mill accused Drake of having a ghost writer so this is still a hot topic.

When Big Sean was asked as ‘control’ was his track what he thought of the attention the song is getting he said: ‘I haven’t heard a hip-hop song stir up this much excitement in years really.’

Snoop Dog one of the godfathers of rap told everyone: ‘He took the rap game by storm.’

When Kendrick was asked by Big Boy live on radio did you know this track would get so much attention his response was ‘I just wanted to rap.’

Kendrick’s 2015 and third album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ is taking its listeners by force as people, fans and critics have described it as ‘fearless, ambitious, uncompromising and relevant.’

The 58th Grammy awards have given Kendrick 11 nominations for such acts as album of the year, song of the year and best rap of the year.

The album has plenty of length to it as it features 16 tracks and 78 minutes, 51 seconds of pure undulated rap.

Kendrick has even got President Obama talking about him in a favourable way, compared to the ‘jackass’ comment he made about Kanye West. Obama is in love with the track ‘How much a Dollar costs.’

Not matter how far we have come racism still blights our society and Kendrick addresses that in his new album. Telling everyone he is rapping for a reason.

Whilst growing up Kendrick was a straight A student and you can tell this when you listen to his tracks as his raps are something else. He has tapped into a market that already exists but changed in an incredibly positive way.

Many rappers boast how they had nothing and have changed it into something but Kendrick had something and turned it into everything.



Written by CelebMix