23 Times Niall Showed off his Heart of Gold

Niall Horan just turned 23 and it’s hard to say enough nice things about the blonde, always smiling, talented member of One Direction.  He’s motivating, encouraging, and always a cheerleader to the people who are important to him; he genuinely cares about what his friends and family are doing to make themselves happy.  Luckily for his fans, this carries over for them too.  Niall is one of the most vocal celebrities when it comes to making fans feel appreciated and it’s one of the things that people notice first, and love most, about him.

Niall has been incredibly kind and thankful from the beginning, but after the band announced their hiatus in 2015, Niall made an even greater effort to reassure fans that they would be back together and to show their gratitude for everything fans have given them so far. He also speaks out about things that matter to his community, he loves and supports the other boys in One Direction, he sends well-wishes to his friends both in private and publicly – so other people can join in also – and he genuinely wants to make the people around him happy.  Niall’s big heart is absolutely unmatched, and fans are lucky to have an idol who loves them so much.

On Niall’s 23rd birthday we wanted to show off 23 of the many times he’s shown off his generous and caring spirit.


He tweeted this

Niall Tweets frequently when fans vote and the boys win awards, but this specific tweet was both kind and reassuring to fans as he noticed the hard work fans are still doing for the boys while they enjoy their hiatus.

He made a snapchat

Okay so maybe this isn’t super deep and meaningful, but it’s a way fans have been able to stay in touch with Niall and see what he’s up to during the hiatus and he’s posted some awesome things so far.  It’s a sweet gesture to allow fans to feel connected to him!

He took part in Soccer Aid

Not only is Soccer Aid an incredible charity for Niall to have been involved with, he went above and beyond by getting out on the pitch, even with a hurt knee, and play his heart out on the field.  He was so excited in the weeks leading up to the big game and he was proud to be part of something bigger than himself.

The Represent Campaign

Not only did he raise money for charity, he took the time to sign some shirts that would be given to fans randomly if they bought a shirt to support the cause.

He told the paps to back off!

When some members of the paparazzi stepped out of line and disrespected fans of the lads, Niall told them what he really thought.  In a follow up tweet he said “So you can get a shit picture of me walking into a nite club that you’ll get 10 quid … You do nothin for me , so you get out of the way“.

He made a promise

Niall promised this fan that despite what the tabloids were saying, and would say in the future, the boys WILL be back, but they are going on a long holiday; and let’s be honest, it’s past due.

He shed light on ending domestic violence

When Niall tweeted this he not only showed support to his friend Hozier, he used his platform to share this video with hundreds of thousands and urge them to end domestic violence.

He send out a congrats to Jamie Lawson

Niall showed some support to Jamie Lawson on his number 1 single.  While some artists are guilty of getting caught up in what seems like a competition, Niall always offers praise to anyone in his circle who chases their dreams.

When he got emotional over MITAM

Niall was just as emotional as fans were over Made in the AM, One Direction’s 5th album and last one before their hiatus.  He thanked the fans for everything in a few meaningful tweets and it made us all love him even more.

He got excited with Louis mete Pele

Louis lived out one of his dreams when he met soccer legend Pele in September and as an avid sports fan himself, Niall knew how much that meant to his mate.  This tweet was a sweet gesture to let Louis know how happy he was for him – again, being that personal cheerleader for all of his friends.

He stood up against awful concert ticket up-charges

Niall and the rest of the band listened to fan complaints about outrageous ticket prices so he let them know that they’d partnered with an app to allow fans to see their concerts without having to pay 500 dollars for a 99 dollar seat.  This happens to so many fan bases, so Niall pointing this out and helping fans battle against it was very important.

He immediately reassured fans against break-up rumors

Before their Chicago show an article was released that speculated that 1D would be breaking up soon and fans were confused and upset.  Niall took to Twitter before their concert to promise fans that this was untrue but that they did need some time off.  He did this on more occasions but his quick response here made a lot of fans feel relieved.

He reminded fans that they are powerful

Fans of One Direction don’t often get credit enough for the things they come together to do for the boys they look up to and when Niall saw that they’d yet again led the boys to win an award, he used the word powerful to describe them.  This meant so much to their fans who sometimes felt like their voices weren’t heard.

He took part in Action 1D

Niall brought to light that across the world many people are struggling just to survive, and how that didn’t leave them much opportunity to get out of poverty. He gave a voice to those who wouldn’t have been heard otherwise.

He supported his friends at The Masters

Niall is a big golf fan himself and he’s met some incredible people through the sport, during some time between tour dates he went to The Masters to support some close friends.

He sent a sweet message of support to James and Ben

Niall is a long time friend of James Corden and he sent a sweet message out to him, as well as Ben Winston, for their Emmy wins for The Late Late Show! It even made James tear up.

He supported drop4drop

Niall took a photo to support drop4drop’s clean water charity initiative. The charity strives to give clean drinking water to everyone, he also encouraged his fans to spread the word and do the same.

He posts awesome 1D pictures

Okay so fans love getting any pictures of the band but nothing beats a photo posted of the lads from Niall. He is just like one of us and captures moments that mean a lot to him whenever he can. Some of the best 1D pictures have come from Niall, he loves being part of the band just as much as we love him being in it.

He speaks out for equality

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Cmon ireland , vote yes today !

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Niall knows how important equality is and he encouraged all of his followers on social media to vote “yes” when it mattered most.

He loves his mom

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Happy Mother's Day Ma ! Love Ya ! Xx

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Niall is a family man, he’s so proud of the people who have loved him from the beginning but his soft spot for his mom is one of the sweetest things about him. He’s a shining example of a kind and genuine young man and he’s got her to thank for that.

He made a sweet Instagram post for Ellie Goulding

Niall is so supportive of one of his best friends who just happens to be music superstar, Ellie Goulding. He even flew to see her perform at Lolla this summer even though he was feeling ill. He made a cute Instagram post supporting her and it just further proves how proud he is of his friends.

He spoke up against bullying

Niall was being harassed by a group of people and he decided to speak out, not on his behalf but on behalf of the others those same vile actions happened to. He promised fans that he was okay and asked them not to worry about him, even when people were attacking him and being negative; he used the situation to shed light on that type of behavior and asked for it to stop so others wouldn’t have to go through it.

He Tweeted this early into the hiatus

Last but not least, he saw that fans were worried about his absence from social media towards the beginning of the hiatus and he took the time to get on Twitter and assure fans that he was okay and they didn’t need to worry. He could have just stayed off of social media and enjoyed his hiatus, which is what he set out to do, but he knew his fans cared and wanted to show them that he did too.

These were just 23 of the millions of ways Niall has proven himself to be one of the most considerate and caring people ever, and we can’t say enough how lucky we are that he’s someone we get to look up to!

Happy birthday Niall, thanks for showing us all how to live and love more kindly.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.