24 Times Louis was the Literal Definition of the word Sass

Louis Tomlinson is a man of many personality traits, one of our favorites has to be his snark – his sass.  He does it subtly, he does it with passion, and sometimes he even does it without meaning to; it’s second nature to him.

As we quickly approach Louis’ 24th birthday, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look at 24 of his sassiest moments!

24. That time he did that disgusted lip raise and still looked this cute.

We sort of want to be the thing that causes that reaction from him because he’s so attractive – is that normal?

23. That time he rolled his eyes like, insanely hard.

He’s such a sass pup.

22. That time he sort of just thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread (which…duh)

21. That time he was killing everyone with his mind

We get it.

20. That time he was over absolutely everything

Same Louis, same.

19. The time he looked adorable making fun of emotions

Cry us a river.

18. That time his arms looked so good when he was being snarky

17. That time he judged you and you weren’t even mad about it

16. That time he messed with Liam

Who is he, really?

15. ANY TIME he says ‘have you quite finished?’

We’ve never quite finished.

14. When he had a tank top on and we loved him for looking sassy

When is Louis in a tank top ever anything but perfect? We’ll wait

13. The time he was better than everyone (as usual)

Look how big his phone looks in his hand!

12. The time he looked like a prince and we were mere peasants

We…just can’t.

11. How dare YOU Louis

We are sorry, we aren’t sure what for, but we’re sorry.

10. That time he was sassy in a jersey


9. That time he was very demanding

We’ll say whatever you want.

8. That time he fixed his fringe with sass

We love how much Louis loves his hair.

7. That time he gave us the perfect gif to use during stunts


6. That time he was sassy with Harry

The pair that slays together…well…you know.

5. The time he did this and was wearing that white shirt with the dip in the neck


4. The time he was shooting daggers with his eyes (Louis got the dagger)

Has he ever been this sassy?

3. The time he asked Harry to do him a favor

We imagine Harry was quick to oblige.

2. The time he knew he’d won at life

He’s so sure of himself.  Can you blame him?

And the number 1 time Louis defined sass?

1. The Up & Down


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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.