4B explores new urban and trap sound on latest single “Bang Bang”

DJ and producer 4B is back and is here to put on an urban twist on his latest single, “Bang Bang”.

4B - "Bang Bang" artwork

The song follows on from the release of the hard-hitting single “Atomic Bomb”, which we previously covered, and is a musical departure from that track’s energetic EDM nature.

Musically, “Bang Bang” is a combination of urban and trap sounds, with hard hitting rap vocals and an aggressive beat accompanied by strong synths, but the signature style of electronic music that 4B is known for it still clearly present throughout.

The single is the latest release to come from the DJ, following on from previous singles “Atomic Bomb”, “Told You”, and debut single “Blackout”, and he has still has plenty more releases to come in the future!

You can listen to “Bang Bang” below:

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