5 Easily Forgotten Celebrity Flings of 2015

Like always, 2015 was the year of many new celebrity flings, some of which lasted through the year while others fizzled out after just a few weeks or months. This article is here to remind you of some of the celebrity flings that happened in 2015 that could’ve easily been forgotten.

1. Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid

5 Easily Forgotten Celebrity Flings of 2015 4

Now this couple may have not been easily forgotten; they were a power couple, who even had the best “ship name, Gi-Joe. Unfortunately these two didn’t last longer than a few months, breaking up because their schedules didn’t work out and Joe was about to leave on a tour with his new band DNCE. Since then, Gigi has been rumored to be dating ex One Direction member, Zayn Malik.

2. Serena Williams and Drake

5 Easily Forgotten Celebrity Flings of 2015 1

This couple seemed serious from the start, as the two were seen showing PDA in a restaurant as well as on the red carpet of New York Fashion Week. Drake even showed in the stands of Serena’s U.S. Open match. However, this love was short-lived as it only lasted about two months (September and October).


3. Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell

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Rumors swirled around Cyrus and the Victorias Secret Model after the two were seen passionately kissing in a parking lot in Los Angeles. The duo even posed for W magazine together. They always denied that they were in a relationship, but we tend to think there was some kind of fling between the two.

4. Selena Gomez and Zedd

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Months after their fling ended, Selena told interviewers that she absolutely adored Anton (Zedd) and that they definitely had a thing. The two most likely met while collaborating on their hit song, I Want You to Know, from Zedd’s album. They often showed PDA on social media and even had it on display at a Golden Globes Afterparty.

5. Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold

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The One Direction hottie and the model only lasted a few months before fizzling out. It was rumored that Nadine didn’t feel like Harry was committed enough to their relationship, so she dumped him, which he was of course completely devastated over.

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Written by CelebMix