5 NON-Disney Animated Films Should Get Live-Action Remakes

Disney’s steady flow of Disney live-action remakes is no longer just a trend – it doesn’t even matter whether you enjoy it or not: here, some non-Disney features involve human character because things aren’t interesting? 

Better remakes have found ways to reinterpret or add depth to their material sources, offering new ways to see familiar stories, it just awesome to witness your favourite movies back in screen with technically upgraded. 

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List of NON-Disney Animated Films should actually Get Live-Action Remakes 

  1. Shrek

The Academy Award for Best Animation Features, “Shrek” revolves around the green ogre that lives in swamps. With music written by Jeanine Tesori with the lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire, “Shrek” received several Tony nominations, including one for Best Musical. 


 His loneliness is interrupted when the exiled mythical creatures begin to appear, leading him to save a princess in this cracked tale. The original DreamWorks films are mostly parodied by Disney’s classic animation. Therefore, it makes sense to follow Disney’s example and go to Broadway. If you do not think, giants can do broadway, this live show will make you a believer.


2- How to Train Your Dragon 

The spectacular live-action stage version from a few years ago looks cool, so a film shouldn’t be too difficult to make. Not shortly, but just as we might eventually see very new Disney features such as Frozen and Moana remade, the 2010 adaptation of children’s books can well find its way into the form of direct action someday. In fact, it’s probably the most logical of the DreamWorks Animation films.

  1.  Princess Camille of ‘Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

The live-action version of the 1989 animated film “Princess Camille of ‘Little Nemo” based on the Winsor McKay comic. There should be a better adaptation of McKay’s material, however, this film is not very memorable or interesting, with all the talents touching this version, there may be some good bits that are worth saving, including the look and steps of the story. It only makes Nemo more attractive and loses flying squirrel friends. However, that happens in a dream world where everything is possible.

  1. An American Tail (1986)

A crazy idea for An American Tail: turning it into a story of human immigration. This will be a little less adorable but will be considered more serious for its relevance to current events. Most of Don Bluth’s films involve anthropomorphic animals and very few human characters if they exist. So, making it ‘live-action’ really remakes it back as an animated feature that captures performance. That is what happened with the NIMH Secret being worked on.

  1. Quest for Camelot (1998)

An Oscar nomination for Best Original Song, Vera Chapman’s book series based on the Arthurian story,  which received It might be better to see how well King Arthur works by Guy Ritchie: Legend of the Sword did it, especially because Quest for Camelot failed, but a better view, maintaining some humor, could be a fun fantasy like Princess Bride or Willow for a new generation. Or they could just go back to Chapman’s books and start a more loyal franchise.

Written by CelebMix