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5 of our favourite Lady Gaga music videos

To celebrate CelebMix’s fifth anniversary, we have taken a closer look at some of our favourite celebrities, and the different aspects that we love about them.

For this article, we have decided to share with you our top five favourite music videos by Lady Gaga!

5. “G.U.Y.” (2014)

Unfortunately, “G.U.Y.” – the third single from Gaga’s fourth studio album, “ARTPOP” (2013) is one of her least successful releases. And it’s a damn shame, as she gave us one of her best music videos with this song. Directed by Gaga herself, it’s an extravagant affair, with amazing choreography and stunning visuals.

The video almost feels like a mini movie in a sense – it’s one epic 11 minute adventure that we simply cannot get enough of. The clip takes influences from Greek Mythology, and sees Gaga as a wounded fallen angel, who is revived from the dead and decides to take revenge on the men who hunted her, turning them into ‘G.U.Y.’ clones. It’s an amazing concept executed very well, there is so much going on in the video – we even see many dead legends, such as Michael Jackson and Jesus, resurrected with the help of the game Minecraft. One scene even portrays Gaga’s head superimposed on top of Lego – only in a Lady Gaga video!

Although this video is for “G.U.Y”, three other tracks from Gaga’s “ARTPOP” album are also played. We hear the album’s title track at the beginning, as Gaga is wounded, and then “Venus” is played when she is resurrected in the pool by palace guards. “Manicure” then makes an appearance during the credits – yes, this music video has credits.

4. “Born This Way” (2011)

Another long-form music video from Gaga, this time for the lead single for her third studio album of the same name (2011). It is visually appealing and so totally Gaga. If anyone can pull off a long music video with a killer storyline, it’s her.

The music video for “Born This Way” sees Gaga giving birth to a new race within humanity. The concept might seem strange, but it just works so well, and fits with the empowering themes of the song. Some of Gaga’s best choreography appears throughout this clip: it’s iconic and easily memorable. And of course, there is a display of incredible and wacky visuals throughout. From the intro, to the scenes of Gaga ‘giving birth’ – and let’s not forget Gaga dressed up as a skeleton, alongside the late Zombie Boy. One of her best video looks!

This video is eyecatching and simply LIBERATING. It’s a spectacle we could never tire of looking at.

3. “Marry the Night” (2011)

The video for the fifth single from “Born This Way”, this is Gaga’s longest music video, at 13 minutes and 51 seconds long. The video details her being dropped from her previous record label, Def Jam Recordings, and the journey she has had along the way.

Some highlights from the video include the epic choreography, the scenes of Gaga dancing on top of a car at night, and the dramatic scene where she finds out she was dropped from her label – where she proceeds to throw cereal all over herself and smash a bunch of records in her apartments.  

This video is everything that we could have wanted from Lady Gaga herself – as it not only is a music video, but it feels like we are actually watching a Hollywood movie. As well as showcasing Gaga being dropped from her old label, it also details some traumatic memories of her past: her admittance to hospital in the video mirrors her real-life mental breakdown after she was raped at the age of 19.  The video helps tell a story about Lady Gaga to the public, while also being spectacular to look at all the same.

2. “Bad Romance” (2009)

Just missing out on the top spot is the video for “Bad Romance” – the lead single for Gaga’s second studio album, “The Fame Monster” (2009). This video is simply flawless. Gaga was not playing around here.

The video for “Bad Romance” takes place in a bathhouse, and sees Gaga kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her and sell her to the Russian Mafia for sexual slavery. We then see Gaga take revenge on the man who had brought her. Part of the reason why we love this video so much is the symbolic plot, the visuals, the fashion looks throughout and the incredible choreography. It’s all been crammed into one amazing five minute masterpiece.

Everything about this video is simply iconic. Gaga helped to push boundaries and inspire many with this video, and it will be remembered in years to come. This truly is a MUSIC VIDEO.

1. “Telephone” (with Beyonce) (2010)

Our top pick for our favourite Lady Gaga video has to be for “Telephone” (2010), her collaboration with Beyonce which was the second single to be released from “The Fame Monster”. Ever since the video for this song came out, we just knew it was always going to be one of our favourites in years to come. 10 years on, and we still love it as much as the first time we saw it.

This clip is a continuation of the “Paparazzi” (2009) video (which just missed out on our list), in which Gaga is sent off to prison for murdering her boyfriend. Later on, we see Beyonce bail her out of jail and the two head off on a killing spree, as they visit a nearby diner and poison the customers – before leaving the scene while the police chase after them.

Once again, Gaga nailed the mini-movie format perfectly – and this really could have been a full length picture in our opinion. References to films such as “Pulp Fiction”, crazy costumes (for example: sunglasses made of cigarettes and Diet Coke cans used as hair rollers), iconic oneliners (“you’ve been a very bad girl, a very very bad girl Gaga”) and insane choreography. What more could you want from a music video? It’s one we can never tire of, and that’s why it’s our favourite from Gaga.

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