5 Pretty Little Liars Couples everybody loves

Well we’re obviously all super obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and now it’s time to take a look at some of the cutest couples we saw during all these amazing seasons, which hopefully never end because none of our lifes would make sense anymore.

Caleb and Hanna – Oh yes, Haleb, we all love them. I mean, how could you not love them? Caleb always wants to protect Hanna in a kinda annoying way but we love it. We already know that Hanna is engaged at a later point in the TV-show and we all really hope Caleb is the lucky guy! (Spoiler alert: he isn’t ._. )

Ezra and Aria – seriously the cutest teacher and student couple in the history of teacher and student couples. Although their relationship was really complicated from the beginning on – because like everybody was against them – they made it through thick and thin and we really hope it will stay like that.

Toby and Spencer – Spencer is kind of annoying in a really likable way, Toby is a lovely guy and they also are a wonderful couple. That Toby acted like he was ‘A’ to protect Spencer is so cute that we almost forgot the sad fact that this couple didn’t made it till the end.

Emily and Maya – Well Maya brings this rebellious, new side to Emily and they are truly made for each other. That Maya died is actually the worst part of the second season and we are probably still not over it but she’ll stay in our hearts. Like forever.

Emily and Alison – Personally I really don’t like Alison and I think Emily and Maya are cuter than Emily and Alison but they are one of the five biggest ships so here they are :). The relationship between those two is kind of complicated. On one side they are best friends and on the other side both of them have got deep feelings for each other. Complicated.

So what’s your favourite Pretty Little Liars couple?

Written by CelebMix