5 Reasons Why Louise Pentland Is Pretty Fab

Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter is a pretty cool lady. With her own clothing line, a book, diary and most recently a meeting with the Pope under her belt, there’s no telling what her next venture will be. Not only is she fabulous in every way possible, she’s also a brilliant mum to Darcy and a dab hand at decorating Halloween pumpkins! Here’s five reasons why she’s one of our favourite Youtubers!

5 Reasons Louise Pentland Is Pretty Fab 8

1. She’s honest.

Recently, Louise has become one of the few youtubers who isn’t afraid of telling it how it is. Whether that be a life update that doesn’t really affect us as viewers or a time in her life that is extremely personal, she still decides to share. We’ve seen Louise absolutely elated and we’ve seen Louise on the brink of tears. Of course, most things in Louise’ life are private, however by giving us that little glimpse of honesty, it allows us as viewers to connect with her on an almost personal level.

5 Reasons Louise Pentland Is Pretty Fab 4

2. Her videos are informative.

Louise if very aware that a lot of her viewers are of the younger generation. This is great, as it gives her the opportunity to provide informative content like her video with Ed Miliband before the UK General Election last year. Louise has also made videos about online safety, advice if you’re thinking about university and giving to the homeless. It’s pretty brilliant that she is using her platform in a way that is not only entertaining but educational on some levels as well.

5 Reasons Louise Pentland Is Pretty Fab 11

3. She’s pretty darn hilarious.

We all know that Louise can crack a joke or two. She’s always coming out with witty remarks, usually in response to Hazel Hayes or Jack Howard on Twitter. Not to mention the giggles in her videos. With the accidental jokes she makes and momentarily finds hilarious – cue us also dying with laughter!

5 Reasons Louise Pentland Is Pretty Fab 1

4. She’s like a big sister.

The Chummy Chatter videos that Louise made with Zoe were that little slice of advice that we needed. With topics like anxiety and body image, Louise approaches them in the best way and with care. And it’s not just the big stuff Louise is there for us with. Hauls and such, are just like a big sister recommending all the best things for us!

5 Reasons Louise Pentland Is Pretty Fab 5

5. She’s not afraid to be herself.

The best thing about Louise, is that she never seems afraid to be herself. Drunk Louise, twirling and dancing and being silly with Joe Sugg, Mummy Louise being absolutely adorable with Darcy, Confident Louise who dresses in what she wants and how she wants. We see a variety of Louise on her channel and social media. She’s body confident, goofy and all round lovely. What we see is what we get, and that’s what makes her one of the most relatable Youtubers out there.

5 Reasons Louise Pentland Is Pretty Fab 10

And this plus everything else in this list, is what makes her pretty fab!

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Written by CelebMix