5 reasons why we love Cheryl

The Nation’s Sweetheart, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, is much loved by the nation for multiple reasons, there is just something about her Geordie charm that you can’t help but love!


1. Cheryl is a strong woman:

Cheryl has been through hell and back throughout her 13 years in the music industry, dealing with heartbreaks, let down, media scrutiny and even a deadly disease yet she still continues to smile and stay strong no matter how hard things get, she shows the world that it’s possible to pick yourself up and dust yourself off even in the toughest of times.


2. Cheryl is an inspiration: 

Cheryl inspires people every day to be the best they can, she shows people that dreams really do come true no matter who you are, where you come from, no matter what circumstances and that everybody has the power to be extraordinary.


3. Cheryl is relatable:

People can relate to Cheryl, she wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid of expressing how she feels. Cheryl has the ‘Girl Next Door’ we can all relate to. She is so real, genuine and down to earth. We have all experienced insecurities and knock backs and we’ve all loved and lost, only Cheryl has had to endure hers under the scrutiny of the media and public eye but she has inspired and helped so many throughout.


4. Cheryl always gives back:

Cheryl didn’t come from a wealthy background, living in a rough area in Newcastle with 4 siblings in a small council house, she played with second-hand toys as a child and ate beans on toast for tea but as she rose to fame, she never let it go to her head, she continued to stay grounded and close to her Geordie roots. Cheryl has always given back whether it be participating in activities for charity, from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to comedy sketches, donating money or just giving back to her fans for all the continued support they give her. Cheryl has recently launched her own charity, ‘Cheryl’s Trust’ to help young people in the North East get their lives back on track and realise their full potential, she hopes to raise £2million to get a centre up and running to support almost 4,000 vulnerable young people turn their lives around and help those facing drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems, those leaving care and homelessness.


5. Cheryl is a fashion icon:

Cheryl has a great sense of style, whether it be an iconic red carpet gown or a casual pair of jeans and a crisp white  t-shirt. Cheryl isn’t afraid to try new styles with her clothes, hair or make up, dressed up or dressed down, long red hair or short brown hair, photoshoot ready make up or bare faced, Cheryl can certainly pull anything off.




Written by CelebMix