5 Seconds of Pokemon

Have you ever wondered what 5SOS would be like as Pokemon? Or have you wished there was a way to literally catch the aussie band? Well never fear! Your dreams can now come true. The 5SOSFam have done it again. They have managed to create a 5SOS version of the popular game “Pokemon Go” but instead, it is now “5SOS Go”.

What is 5SOS Go?

“5SOS Go” is a hashtag created by Celiana, owner of the update account @5SOSLocate. The hashtag was quickly spread to the likes of different update accounts including @5SOSReporte. They had also contributed in the promotion of this. When speaking to members of each account they said  “the hashtag was only created for fun, nobody knew it would get this far”. Celiana had stated on the twitter account @5SOSLocate: “this 5SOS Go thing just came off my head very randomly after eating lunch & I was bored & now you guys have edited pictures….”

Sadly, the app isn’t actually a thing, but only a figment of the 5SOSFam’s imagination. However, a certain fan has managed to go the extra mile and ended up creating a promotional “advertisement” for the app and it certainly caught our attention. Kath, owner of @5SOSReporte, made this video all for the great good of 5SOS Go. Take a look:

We absolutely love this hashtag and really hope 5SOS notice it and invest their time and money into creating something like this. Tell us what you think about the hashtag over on our twitter @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix