5 songs from Get Weird we would love to see as singles!

Little Mix’s new album Get Weird is out and our jaws have yet to be picked up off the floor!  With each new song on the album gets better as their vocal abilities are shown off with incredible lyrics, upbeat tunes, and slow songs that bring out heavy emotions in all of us.

While we would love to see every song on the CD become a single – we know that’s impossible – so here are 5 of Little Mix’s new songs we would love to hear on the radio as their next hits!

5. Hair

“I tried everything but it’s useless
He pushed me so far now I’m on the edge
Make him disappear
Go get him out my hair”

After every big break up we go through stages and one of them is changing something big on the outside – the most go to thing? Getting a new hair style!  This song is the perfect break up song for those not wanting to sit and mourn the relationship – this is for the ones who are ready to get out, make a change, and move on.  There are too many sad songs about missing love and lost soul mates out there; this is exactly what we need right now!  Kick that ex to the curb, get a blowout and own the world!

4. Grown

“About time that I let you know
My ride and I assume control
You blew it baby years ago
Can’t get with me, now I’m grown”

Grown is another song about owning your power and in turn taking charge of your own life.  It’s an anthem for anyone who’s had someone in their life who weighed them down and is looking to let that dead weight go!  Grown makes you feel good when you listen to it and turn the volume up while shouting the lyrics while you’re driving around in your car.  This would be a perfect radio single and there are so many opportunities for a video to accompany it!

3. I love you

“I feel your touch when I’m alone at night
But it’s just me who’s holding tight
And this life don’t feel like you
There’s nothing left but these I love you’s”

Now that we’ve had our powerful – feel good tracks.  Let’s face it, sometimes we lose love that matters and the pain is a lot to deal with.  When you’re sleeping at night you can still feel them in your bed, see them in your living room and feel them when you’re going about your day to day.  I love you is a song that expresses those emotions.  Sometimes love is just hard to leave and when it doesn’t go easy it helps to have songs like this that show you that someone else has been there too.

2. Secret Love Song

“When you’re with him, do you call his name
Like you do when you’re with me? Does it feel the same?
Would you leave if I was ready to settle down?
Or would you play it safe and stay?

Girl you know this, we got a love that is hopeless”

So some of us have experienced this too and while it’s not easy to be on either end of a secret love – it’s nice to know that both sides of it are hard to cope with.  No one plans to fall in love with someone they can’t have or someone they have to share but when it’s happening to you it’s easy to fall so victim to your own circumstance that you can’t see the other side.  This song tells both stories – the lyrics almost begging the other at a certain point to understand and just make it work.  This would be the perfect single to hear when you’re on a night drive trying to work out your emotions and need to scream to the radio along with a song that understands.

1. Secret Love Song pt. 2

“Why can’t I hold you in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that? Cause I’m yours
Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that? Cause I’m yours”

If we could only pick ONE song other than the two already released  to turn into a single from Get Weird – it would be this one.  It is similar to Secret Love Song but part 2 is something that will be an anthem – single or not.  Secret Love Song pt 2 is the perfect song for anyone who’s had to hide a relationship, but for different reasons.  Secret love song tells the story of love without gender pronouns, making it the perfect song for anyone who is dealing with their sexuality and having a hard time due to circumstances from people around them.  In a day and age where equality shouldn’t be a privilege; it still seems to be one and this song can help people who have the love of their life right beside them but can’t reach out and hold their hand because of fear.  We believe, as long as the girls from Little Mix that this song will be a LGBTQ+ legend, and we can’t wait to see what happens with it.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.