5 things we love about Louis Tomlinson

To mark CelebMix’s fifth birthday, we have decided to dedicate articles to some of our favourite celebrities. One of these people is Louis Tomlinson, who has been featured regularly since our beginning.

Louis Tomlinson is an inspiration to fans, respected in the music industry, and loved by millions across the globe. We can find a thousand reason why we love Louis, however, to celebrate our anniversary, we will list five of them here.

His commitment to his work

Although Louis wasn’t always the most featured member of One Direction, especially during the early stages, he was known to be one of the key members behind the scenes when it came to songwriting. Over the years, Louis has written some of our favourite songs, and his love and dedication to his work shine through in the material he releases. Fans waited patiently for his debut album ‘Walls‘ and it is needless to say that they got everything they hoped for and more. There is no doubt that Louis is passionate about his music and we love that passion more than words can describe.

His love for his family

From the moment we were introduced to Louis is was clear that he has a special relationship with his family. Although he is very private when it comes to his personal life, his love for his family shines through every time he talks (or sings) about them. His family has been through indescribable pain during the last couple of years and we can only imagine how heartbreaking it is to deal with the pain while also being in the public eye. No matter what, Louis does everything he can to protect his family and we will continue to respect and cherish (from afar) his loving relationship with them.

His relationship with his fans

Louis’ relationship with his fans is probably one of the most special things we have witnessed during our five years running CelebMix. Louis’ fans are not just any other fandom: they are a family, a family who will do anything to protect and promote Louis, while also making sure that everyone within the fandom feels safe and loved. They are a force to be reckoned with. It is clear that the bond between Louis and his fans is unbreakable, and it is definitely one of the things about Louis that we admire the most.

His personality

When you mention the words “Louis Tomlinson” and “personality” in the same sentence, we bet you also think of the words “sarcastic”, “quick-witted”, and “sweet as honey”. Louis is a mixture of all of that and more. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He will melt your heart with kindness within a few seconds, yet he can burn you with a sassy comment and make you rethink your existence just as easily (all in good fun, of course). We stan him for being the sassy king that he is.

His loving and giving heart

It is no secret that Louis has one of the most generous hearts known to man-kind. To him, helping others and giving back are two of the most important things to him, however, he never makes a big spectacle out of it. And that is why we love him. He helps others because he genuinely wants to, not to get anything in return. His big heart has secured him the CelebMix Award for Biggest Inspiration two years in a row, and we’re sure his fans will do everything they can to make it happen again this year. One thing is for sure, Louis will undoubtedly continue to be a light in many people’s lives.

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Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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