5SOS fanfic is published by HarperCollins

Yet another story written by a fan gets credit and is now about to be published!

This may not be the first time we’ve heard about a fan fiction from the popular site, Wattpad, get published into a novel. But it is delightful to know that a great work written by a talented fan of 5SOS gets credit and the opportunity to have her book published for everyone, even outside the 5SOSFam, to enjoy!

Ashley Royer, 17, from Peabody, Massachusetts, has been writing stories since she was in her 8th grade. The Watty Award-winning teen author was first introduced into reading stories posted on Wattpad by her friend back then. Apparently, she took an interest on writing a fan fiction after reading a book with the same genre.

“I became obsessed with it and spent the entire summer writing. I live with my mom, but I didn’t tell either of my parents that I was writing a book.” – Ashley on how it began (ashleyroyer.com)

Finally getting the hang of posting chapters regularly, she invested most of her time on it rather than going outside like most teenage girls do.

One book led to another, and soon enough, her mother discovered a link to one of her books on her YouTube page. It wasn’t supposed to happen since Ashley wasn’t fond of the idea of her family and relatives knowing that she wrote stories.

After a few weeks of the incident, her mom talked to her about loving her stories and suggested the idea to try to get her books published – considering that the combined reads on all of her books reached over 25 million – with the help of an agent, who was equally impressed with Ashley’s work.

Feeling a little bit doubtful of the idea, they still gave it a try knowing that if no one takes interest in publishing it, they can at least say they tried. And if someone does, then it would be a great opportunity for her book to get noticed, not only by 5SOS fans, but also by those who love reading young adult/teen novels and a chance to continue her writing on a published platform.

A few months passed, her book “Remember To Forget” gained a huge number of followers and readers that it won a Watty Award. And soon after, publisher HarperCollins/Blink took interest in the book and offered to publish it.

The famous 5SOS fan fiction “Remember To Forget” is one of Ashley’s high-rating books that currently has over 15 million reads online. It may not be her first ever written book, but it is her first story to be ever published.

Mainly, the story revolves around a teenage boy, Levi, who’ve lost the love of his life causing him to fall into a deep state of depression and turned him into a mute. After his girlfriend, Delia, died his mother then decided that it would be best for him to move in with his father, from Australia to America, in hopes of helping him move on from the tragic event. Further into the story, he meets this girl, Delilah, who strongly reminds him of someone he lost.

Considering that the book was originally a 5SOS fanfic, a prologue was added and the names were all changed. Plus, the published version has an additional five more chapters.

“Remember To Forget” will be available for purchase tomorrow, April 5th, in sync with 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Sounds Live Feels Live Tour in the UK and Ireland which also happens to start on the same day!

What a great way to enjoy the 5SOS SLFL Tour with a 5SOS-inspired novel! RTF will be available in Barnes and Noble, Indies, Amazon, ChristianBook, and Books-A-Million. E-books can also be purchased at Nook, iTunes, Kindle, and Google Play, while audio-book versions will be available at Audible. *Pre-order is still available, visit ashleyroyer.com.

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