5SOS release their new album and we’re in love

The moment has finally arrived.

Not only was 5 Seconds of Summer’s second album released, we also have no need for listening to live versions of songs we could barely even hear! As promised, their album having a different sound than their first, a more punk than pop vibe.

With songs like, “Waste the Night,” “Broken Home,” and “Castaway,” some hypothesize it’s a continuation of their first album with a similar storyline. Deviating from the “older girl they can’t get”, the album has a more mature and deep meaning behind each song (obviously you have to listen to the album, Sounds Good Feels Good, to get the firsthand experience).

Desperate on wanting to stray away from their “boy band” image and the social norms of pop/punk songs, the band has come together the past year, since the release of their first album, and managed to find time, even with their hectic tour schedule, to record a new sound for their fans, which admittedly does sound and feel good.

Not only is their album released, the four Aussie boys are already in Los Angeles ready to promote the album like crazy. Already scheduled to perform a free gig at Hot Topic Hollywood (#5SOSCrashHollywood) for their LA fans on Friday (October 23), fans were also given the opportunity to meet the boys themselves if they preordered the album at the store and given a wristband (while the supplies lasted).

The album is also available at Target with two extra songs (not on the regular or deluxe edition) and once again with four different album artworks.

Grab an online copy here !

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Written by CelebMix