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7 Movies To Watch This Halloween Weekend

Halloween is vastly approaching (Yes, it IS this Wednesday!) and it is crucial to watch at least a few Halloween related movies this weekend to celebrate the holiday.

The list consists of our picks of Halloween films we recommend. Some of the movies are very scary and others are family friendly scary.

1. Halloween

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A Halloween classic. Released in 1979, Jamie Lee Curtis stars in a movie based on a serial killer, Michael Myers, who hunts and stalks babysitters.

2. Paranormal Activity

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Not based on true stories, but a movie that had audiences jumping out of their seats for years, Paranormal Activity shows a married couple that is being haunted by a demon. Husband, Micah, brings a camera and tapes everything to try to get the demon on camera.

3.  The Strangers

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This movie is actually based on true events, located in the middle of nowhere, a couple, Kristen and James, are being hunted by three strangers in creepy looking masks. The only goal for Kristen and James is to make it out alive. (If you watch it and are a fan, be sure to check out the sequel, The Strangers 2: Prey At Night)

4. Hocus Pocus

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A family friendly Halloween movie that is on TV every Halloween. After recently moving to Salem, Massachusetts from Los Angeles, California, Max thought it would be a good idea for his crush, Elizabeth, to show him and his little sister, Dani the old Sanderson sisters home. The Sanderson sisters, Mary, Winnie, and Sarah, were witches who took the lives of children. Max decided to light the black flame candle, which brings the three witches back to life. Their mission is for the three witches to turn to dust by sunrise.

5. The Conjuring

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The first movie of the Conjuring franchise. This movie, amongst the other movies, are also based on true events. The first Conjuring film follows the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s experience as demonologists as they help a family get rid of a very powerful entity. Yes, this movie is scary!

6. It (2017)

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This movie is scary yet funny. A group of kids must work together to defeat Pennywise the clown that has been kidnapping children for hundreds of years.

7. A Quiet Place

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From director, John Krasinski comes a movie that has everyone terrified. The movie follows a family that has to watch their backs and be very quiet at every moment, or the monsters will find them.

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