Big Brother 17: Showbiz Simon Reports on Week 5

Happy Wednesday to all my CelebMix Darlings, I do hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Oh, and what a week it’s turning out to be in the BB house as we’ve had Annihilation week thrown on us! Yes, that’s right, we’ve seen the house continue to be torn apart and housemates being booted out as fast as Chelsea changes his hairstyles!  And talking of Chelsea on Monday it was time for our Chelsea to  pack up his troubles in his old Louie Vuitton bag and  swap Elstree back for the Kings Road as it was his turn to be booted out the back door for good in an around the table nominations twist.

Yes, housemates had enough of the Chelsea slicker and he was given his marching orders. What a start to the week!

We then saw in Tuesday night’s show more drama, as part of the latest shenanigans saw our housemates get to hear viewers opinions of them. Ouch…This must have hurt! Some of the categories were; most forgettable, most desperate to win and least genuine, so it was understandable that there were some upset housemates hearing that play out.

Some of the highlights were ‘Most Forgettable’ going to Alex (to his housemates horror), ‘Least Genuine’ was awarded to Ryan –(what a surprise!) –and ‘Biggest Game Player’ being handed to Andy (shock horror!)

Last night’s dramas were based round who would be immune from eviction, where the housemates between them managed to somewhat surprisingly come up with our game playing Andy!

So… where does that leave us? Well, in tonight’s  show the pressure cooker gets even hotter as it seems yet another housemate will be leaving for good. Yes we’re set for another sizzling hot show tonight where a housemate has the chance to grab £20,000 of the prize fund in return for evicting a housemate on the spot…   so which housemate do you think will put greed above loyalty? What a dilemma! Well, Mystic Showbiz predicts  it could be either Jason or Andy. Jason because he’s petrified of being evicted and seems desperate to win  the show and Andy well, it’s obvious he can’t be evicted  so  what’s he got to lose!? Clever mind games Big Brother! As far as who will go next that is a hard one my predictions are Jayne or Evelyn, but with more plot twists than an Eastenders Christmas special, who knows what to expect in the remainder of the week in the house!

One thing is for sure… You won’t want to miss a second of it! Tune in all this week for a week unforgettable week of carnage!

Until next time,

Showbiz x

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Written by CelebMix