90’s horror-comedy Arachnophobia set for reboot

If aggressive spiders aren’t your thing, then you might want to miss the reboot of cult 90’s horror-comedy ‘Arachnophobia’.

As Deadline Hollywood reports, Steven Spielberg, whose production company Amblin Entertainment produced the original, is set to team up with The Conjuring‘s James Wan to produce a remake of the box office hit which took $53 million worldwide.

The original story was directed by Frank Marshall and starred Jeff Daniels and John Goodman. It centred around a newly discovered spider in the Amazon rainforest which is unintentionally transported across the U.S border, where it mates with a domestic house spider, creating hundreds of lethal offspring.

The film is still believed to be in the early stages with no director, or actors confirmed and Wan, who most recently completed Aquaman for DC and Warner Bros, won’t direct the film but will instead guide it as producer along with Frank Marshall.

However, fans are in safe hands as Wan’s widely regarded as one of the most talented filmmakers in the horror genre with his Atomic Monster firm behind 2014’s “Annabelle,” “The Conjuring 2,” and “Lights Out,”.

If you can’t wait for your fix of creepy crawlies with attitude and need some horror in your life then Atomic Monster is in post-production on the latest in The Conjuring universe, The Nun, which is set to hit cinemas on September 7.

You can watch the original film trailer below:

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Written by Jay Curtis

Radio & Television Presenter and Showbiz Reporter