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SDCC 2018: See the Official ‘#Aquaman’ Trailer Now

While one film franchise was quiet on this years SDCC, one was waiting patiently to drop a trailer that would invite viewers into an underwater kingdom with Aquaman himself.

DC waited until SDCC to drop the official trailer and it’s what we’ve all been looking forward to. While there have been trailer releases for other film and television, all looking promising, we knew this would be the one to beat.

Finding the perfect balance for a trailer release is a science. You can’t show too much, or you’ll give the entire plot away without fans even stepping into a theater. You can’t make it too abstract or you might lose viewers altogether. You

To say we’ve been excited about the trailer for Aquaman would be a massive understatement. We’ve basically been waiting for it since we first saw Momoa had taken on the role.

After an announcement was made that the trailer was dropping during SDCC and Momoa himself solidified that with a teaser video just yesterday, well, we canceled our plans for today and waited for this moment.

It was so worth it.

‘Trust me, I am no king.’ Aquaman states in the film, but his actions prove quite differently. He takes on the looming battle with strength and determination. He’s there to save his home, a home he looks quite comfortable in.

You you can see Aquaman in theaters on December 21st.

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