Jason Momoa Hypes us up for ‘Aquaman’ Trailer in Instagram Video

Since the release of Justice League, just last year, DC fans have been waiting for one huge moment. if we’re getting technical, it’s one huge splash we’ve been looking forward to.

Just days ago, it was revealed that with SDCC 2018 would come the Aquaman trailer. To be honest, it’s been hard for us to focus on much else since the news broke. Jason Momoa gave us a taste of the character last year and it was just enough to leave us totally intrigued for what was to come.

If you thought fans were the only ones who were this excited, you thought wrong. Momoa himself has been working on the project and dedicating much of himself to the role for months and months. A film of this caliber requires a lot from everyone involved, especially the namesake.

On Instagram, today, he shared some of his own excitement with us, as well as a shout of thanks to his fans.

Not only is he home with his friends and family in the clip, which lights him up enough on its own; we’re only a day away from the Aquaman trailer. We got chills just thinking about it.

He makes a splash, and a beautifully executed one at that, into the water before holding his phone screen forward for all of us to see.

Aquaman trailer tomorrow.”

If that’s not a phrase we’ve been (not so) patiently waiting to hear.

Those in Hall H at SDCC will experience it together as fans around the world watch at home. We can’t wait to see what’s coming in December when we join the king underwater.

Aquaman splashes into theaters on December 21st.


Written by Ashley

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