A chat with “A Dog Named Gucci” director Gorman Bechard

It’s not everyday that a film makes you want to go out and change the world. Gorman Bechard’s film “A Dog Named Gucci” did just that. We got to chatting with the incredible director on the film’s success.

What do you hope the audience takes away from A Dog Named Gucci?

More than anything that we have to be the voice for animals. That if we see an animal in distress, we must speak up, do something, make the call. It’s the only way we can even begin to fight the abuse.

You coproduced the film with your wife. What was that experience like?

My wife has always been in the background of all my work, but in this case she found the story, and truly worked the social media side. Her passion for Gucci’s story was contagious. We fed off each other.

The documentary was completely crowd funded. Incredible! How did that come about?

I’ve been using KickStarter since its inception. It truly is a godsend for independent filmmakers. It helps us find and build an audience, and allows us complete control over our film. In the case of A Dog Named Gucci, we reached out to the many animal lovers across the U.S. Once they saw what we were trying to do, the backers came out in droves.

What could we do to further educate ourselves on the subject and lend a hand in the cause?

Start by watching the film. All of the info you need is there. Then look into your state’s specific laws. How you can help change them, make them tougher. Follow the social media pages of other animal groups. You can do something as simple as share a Facebook post, or write an email…you can help change the law…and anything in between.

Have you always had a love for animals?

Yes, my wife and I never wanted children, but we’ve always wanted dogs. When we bought our house 22 years ago, it had to have a fenced-in back yard.

A chat with "A Dog Named Gucci" director Gorman Bechard 1

Would you consider doing another documentary on animal abuse?

Absolutely, but from another angle. We’re working on setting up the next animal film now. Can’t release details yet.

Tell us about receiving the ASPCA Media Excellence Award.

It was a complete honor and surprise. We worked so hard on Gucci, to be recognized by one of the major animal organizations made us feel that we were on the right track. Our message was being heard.

You’ve done several “rockumentary” films. If you could document any artist dead or alive, who would it be?

It would have been Prince, as long as I could have gotten complete access to the man and the music. To loose both him and Bowie only months apart. It’s been a horrible year.

If you have yet to, please watch the film. Share with us photos of your dogs @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix