Actor photo shot of Ashley Rae Harper, which sees her smiling at the camera with a white backdrop, with her hair in braids collected together in a top ponytail and cascading down her right shoulder. She is wearing a baby blue crewneck top and a silver necklace that has the letter A dangling from it.
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Actress Ashley Rae Harper is set to star in a powerful episode of the “Journeys of Faith” video series

Ashley Rae Harper is a rising star in the entertainment industry, juggling her college studies in science at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte with her flourishing career as an actor, director, and producer. Her latest project, in which she recently completed, is part of the “Journeys of Faith” video series created by Elizabeth Courtland Ministries in collaboration with Bethel Pictures. The goal of these films is to provide guidance and inspiration to teens in strengthening their faith and navigating modern challenges.

The “Journeys of Faith” series covers a wide range of topics, from enhancing obedience to resisting negative influences such as pornography and the occult. Ashley Rae Harper is set to star in episode two, “Faith Forward,” which shares the inspiring testimony of “Tracey”. This powerful episode takes viewers on an emotional journey as Tracey recounts the traumatic experience of being molested at gunpoint as a teenager. The suspect threatened Tracey and her family with death if she ever told anyone about the attack – which resulted in her becoming pregnant.

Despite the severe trauma, Tracey found solace in her faith, but her once-strong support system began to crumble when her friends didn’t know how to react or provide the emotional support she needed. The film takes a raw and honest look at how Tracey navigated the aftermath of this traumatic experience and how she found strength in her faith to move forward.

Ashley Rae Harper shines in her role as “Tracey”, bringing the character to life with her powerful performance. Despite the serious subject matter, the cast and crew were able to celebrate their hard work at a recent red-carpet premiere at a local theatre. For Ashley Rae Harper, it was a dream come true to attend a movie premiere for one of her works, especially since she had the opportunity to bring her proud parents along.

Find out more about Tracey’s story which Ashley Rae Harper is set to play, in the “Journeys of Faith” series, episode two “Faith Forward”, here:

This role in “Journeys of Faith” is just one of the many accomplishments Ashley Rae Harper has achieved in her entertainment career. She co-produced the award-winning student film “Michael and Amelia” and received several accolades, including recognition at the Kosice International Film Festival and awards from the Pinewood Studios Lift Off Global Network. Her dedication to her craft has also earned her a Skyline Performer Award nomination for Best Performance as a Director for “Am I Lost?” which she co-produced, acted in, and directed.

In addition to her acting career, Ashley Rae Harper is a multitasking entrepreneur and a creative force to be reckoned with. She was selected as the cover model for Surreal Lifestyle magazine, a digital publication focusing on beauty, fashion, fitness, and healthy lifestyles. Ashley Rae Harper also created “Ashley and Friends”, a talk show where she brings together friends from the entertainment industry for entertaining and enlightening conversations. She is the founder and owner of Ashley Rae Film Productions, where she continues to pursue her passion for film and storytelling.

To watch “Journeys of Faith” and the powerful episode “Faith Forward” starring Ashley Rae Harper, keep an eye on the YouTube page for Elizabeth Courtland Ministries, as it is coming soon.

Watch the trailer for “Journeys of Faith” here:

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