NCT U release the music video for “Baby Don’t Stop”

Yesterday, CelebMix reported that NCT U have revealed the teaser video for their new single “Baby Don’t Stop, Play” featuring TEN and Taeyong. A part of “NCT 2018!” project, the song is the second single off the list. Usually, a part of different sub-units, the project aims to eventually showcase all the 18 members of the main unit.

Earlier, the group released “Boss” that amassed positive response from the audience. Now, after revealing jaw-dropping teasers, SM Entertainment, today, finally released the highly anticipated music video for the new track.

“Baby Don’t Stop” is predominantly a performance single which showcases TEN and Taeyong’s talent as dancers. The choice of keeping concert ground and auditorium stage as backdrops then is a wise move. The backdrop sets the tone for the single and makes it clear to the viewer that he/she is going to encounter professionals. But at the same time, the song also gives fans a chance to explore the artists as vocalists. Combining TEN’s vocals as a polished pop artist with the Taeyong’s deep and raspy voice, SM has brought forth a sultry single.

TEN’s well-known charm and Taeyong’s strong charisma is pretty evident throughout the music video. The music video, as well as the live performance, is quite refreshing in the sense that instead of a scripted performance aimed to entertain the audience, “Baby Don’t Stop” presents to us two artists who can be seen enjoying their art. The chemistry between TEN and Taeyong is the strength as well as the highlight of the single.

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