NCT U reveals teaser video for “Baby Don’t Stop, Play”

When TEN released his single “Dream in a Dream” for SM Station, everyone expected that he would now make more appearances via his songs. The reception for his track was so positive that fans’ demand to see him increased manifold.

When NCT U released “Boss”, fans had the same question, “Where is TEN?”

But SM Entertainment knows how to tease fans. Considering that the artist has such high demand, any news for his comeback had to be unprecedented. When fans least expected it, the label announced that TEN would soon be releasing a track.

Yesterday, NCT U revealed the teaser for “Baby Don’t Stop, Play” featuring TEN and the group’s leader Taeyong. Mischievously teasing their admirers with their smirk, the duo seem to be aiming for something crazy. The beats sound uplifting and the same can be sensed from the visuals. The duo are definitely making us look forward to the song.

Both Taeyong and TEN are looking dapper in the teaser video. Check it out for yourself, below:

“Baby Don’t Stop, Play” will be released on 27th February. So, we only have to wait for two more days to see what the duo has to offer.

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Written by Ayushi

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