ABTLSTNT release their debut EP “wrt. rcrd. rpt”


They are a newer band made up of Mikey Bromley, Jackson Owens, Jack Taylor, and Eben Franckewitz. Not only is their name unique (the name comes from the phrase “About Last Night”, but without vowels), but they have a killer sound. We don’t deny that these four boys have some major talent and we think they are destined for the top.

You may recognize one band member in particular, Mikey Bromley. He was once performed in the band Only The Young on the X Factor back in 2014. Only The Young then split in 2015 and not long after that, ABTLSTNT was formed.

Actually, ABTLSTNT was not the first name these four artists chose to name their band. They used to be called Far Young Band. Back in June, these boys did a Twitter takeover on our main CelebMix Twitter page. We loved their Twitter takeover as Far Young Band, but now we need then to come back and do another as ABTLSTNT!

This new band is based in LA and they have already released their new EP “wrt. rcrd. rpt”, which stands for “write. record. repeat”. We are definitely a huge fan of this ‘no vowels’ theme they have going on!

ABTLSTNT’s sound is very cool.

Sugarscape described their music perfectly; “It might sound weird, but [they are] sort of like a Maroon 5/The 1975/Frank Ocean/DNCE hybrid. With some acoustic guitar chucked in for good measure.” We are already huge fans of their songs “Ghost” and “Sorry I Lied”. Their vocals are nothing but impeccable, and to say we are impressed is an understatement.

Their record is brand new, but we already know some of their songs will climb the charts. This band has a very cool, hip look, a great sound, and is made up of four talented musicians. What more could you ask for? ABTLSTNT is definitely an artist to watch and we can’t wait to see them soar to new heights in the future.

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Written by CelebMix