Adam Lambert Fans Continue to Give Back With 'Touch of Sparkle'

Adam Lambert Fans Continue to Give Back With ‘Touch of Sparkle’

Adam Lambert’s UK tour is beginning this week, and his fans are still continuing to make a difference in the world with a charity campaign called Touch of Sparkle.

Touch of Sparkle is a campaign run by Adam Lambert fans, where they help provide care packs to cancer patients. In order to help the campaign strive, Adam Lambert fans from around the world donate items that are featured in the care packs, as well as sending out donations and spreading awareness about Touch of Sparkle.

Thanks to the founder of Touch of Sparkle (Melanie Hersey) and the help of the campaign’s supporters, 450 care packs have already been donated to cancer patients.

While speaking to Melanie Hersey about why she started Touch of Sparkle, she said, “I set up Touch of Sparkle in April 2015, working with the Adam Lambert fan base to provide care packages to cancer patients. Cancer is sadly something which touches most of our lives at some point and in some way and a close relative of mine is currently going through treatment.”

She continued saying, “As a friend or family member, it can leave you feeling utterly helpless and wondering what you can do to make a small difference. The aim of the care packages is to provide a mix of practical items, distractions and treats – a few little things to help people smile and feel more positive. Adam Lambert is known for his caring and accepting attitude so I thought, ‘Why not draw on this ethos of kindness to spread our own touch of sparkle to patients?’”

The care packs officially include items such as bed socks, tissues, a restaurant voucher, sweets, herbal tea for anti-sickness, a puzzle book, a notebook, a pen, earphones, playing cards, nail varnish, moisturizer, lip balm, and a copy of Adam Lambert’s latest album, The Original High.

We also had the pleasure of speaking to a beautifully spirited Adam Lambert fan who received one of these care packs from Touch of Sparkle in order to help boost her confidence during chemotherapy treatment. Sophie (19) shared with us saying, “When I received it, it made my entire day better and really put a smile on my face. It was just what I needed as I had been struggling with treatment. The packs last and I take them to my chemo sessions and use them at home. Adam is just amazing there are no words.”

When asking why she loves Adam, Sophie said, “Adam gives me so much strength through his music to keep me fighting every single day.”

And that’s just one of the many smiles that these care packs give to patients. If you’d like to help keep Touch of Sparkle going and put a smile on someone’s face, you can visit or to donate.

If you have any questions, you can also follow Touch of Sparkle on Twitter @_touchofsparkle.

Adam Lambert Fans Continue to Give Back With 'Touch of Sparkle'

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