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Ben Duggan / Schön! Magazine

Adam Lambert talks new music with Schön! Magazine

Adam Lambert has teased his forthcoming new album in an interview with Schön! Magazine.

Alongside striking bohemian-inspired shots (taken by Ben Duggan), Adam sat down with Sara Delgado to discuss exploring a new sound, taking inspiration from his previous work, and the themes we can expect from his new body of work.

It’s been three years since Adam released his last album The Original High, and since then fans have been craving more music from the multi-talented singer. Whilst no release date has been given yet, it appears that new music will be coming from the singer very soon.

But what can we expect from Adam’s new music? Speaking about finding his sound for this record, he said: “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for a minute, as far as my solo career. Now, I’ve explored some new sounds and some new concepts and I’m on the course to put something out, but it took a second to discover that for myself, for this project.”

“I was just waiting to catch a certain inspiration, you know what I mean? I was really digging, trying to find some authenticity. The most authentic sound and style that I could. I think from the outside looking in, I think the fans, for example, may just think “oh, you’ve done this album and now you can just pop another one out, you know… do it” [laughs] But those of us who are actually making the albums, know it’s not as simple as that. There is the creative process. You can’t really put a time stamp on it and just demand it to happen.”

adam lambert
Ben Duggan / Schön! Magazine

Adam also revealed that he took inspiration from some classic sounds when working on his new music. “There’s a lot of reference to Glam-Rock and Classic Rock of the ‘70s and the early ‘80s. I’ve gone back to a lot of those inspirations. I feel there’s also some parallel to my second album. I mean it’s a general statement to make because obviously, it’s more than one song, but I think fans will draw some comparisons. […] It’s coming back to the music that inspired me to want to become a musician in the first place.”

When asked about potential themes on the album, Adam said: “I think there are some general ideas of resilience in the theme. There’s a theme of sort of being in your power. And if you’re not in it, kind of taking it back. Definitely plenty of longing… there’s a sense of longing in searching for intimacy. The search for intimacy and the elusiveness of it.”

During the interview, Adam also spoke about balancing his solo career with his work with Queen, the current state of the LGBTQ+ community, and blurring the lines between politics and social justice. Check out the interview in full here.

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