Adam Lambert Teases Fans Then Releases His Debut Single "Welcome to the Show"

Adam Lambert announces new single “Welcome to the Show”

As if the current success of The Original High Tour wasn’t enough, on Sunday night Adam Lambert fans were constantly being teased by the star as he continued to hint about a “big announcement.”  Adam took to Twitter and tweeted out to fans, “The announcement is soooooooooooo exciting,” and “Something you have NEVER HEARD!,” along with other various hints, such as what seemed to be possible new song lyrics.

Here are some of the tweets below:

After all the teasing… the announcement was finally revealed Monday!   Turns out Adam had been working on a new song titled “Welcome to the Show” featuring Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh. Normally Glamberts figure out what his surprises are, but Adam held onto this secret extremely well!

The link posted wasn’t the full song though, it was just a 28-second snippet.  But no worries Glamberts, the full song will be released digitally on March 17!

In a press statement Adam said, “I wanted to surprise my fans with a new, uplifting anthem for the spring.  I asked Max Martin for help and he paired me up with two great writers and producers; Ali Payami, who worked with me on ‘Ghost Town,’ and Swedish star Laleh who is also a featured vocalist on the track.  I feel this song will give people strength to be exactly who they are.”

With lyrics such as, “I’m gonna let them stare / They feel like me out there / So welcome to the show / Bring on all the lights / Let it shine on you / We’re together here tonight / Welcome to the show / Welcome to my life / Welcome to the show / Welcome to my life / Welcome to my life,” there’s no doubt that the rest of the lyrics will be just as mesmerizing.

That’s not even the end of the news.  If you haven’t heard yet, Adam is also supposed to be singing “Welcome to the Show” for the first time ever live on American Idol.  You can catch that performance on Thursday, March 17 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Check out the “Welcome to the Show” snippet below!

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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