Louie Nice Adam&Steve and Maty Noyes

Adam&Steve Team Up With Maty Noyes For Bisexual Love Anthem ‘Wherever You Are’

Adam&Steve, the dance musical duo of Internet personality Elijah Daniel and producer Sam F., have dropped their latest single “Wherever You Are,” featuring rising pop star Maty Noyes.

“I met Maty through twitter a long time ago, and when the idea for Adam&Steve came along, I knew we need a track with her. We got into the studio about 7 months ago, wrote for maybe 20 minutes and had a hook. We sat on the hook for awhile, and decided to finish the song. And I’m glad we did, we’re very proud of this song,” Daniel tells CelebMix.

“Oh no, you hit me in the heart/ Bullseye right where the feelings are/ Meet me at the beach, meet me at the park/ I just want to be wherever you are,” Noyes confesses over a skittering tropical-tinged beat.

Daniel tells CelebMix that “we wanted to make a love song that was applicable to everyone.” “We’re just really happy to be releasing music that our fans, and people outside our canvass can enjoy. There aren’t many queer pop/ed, acts and we wanted to use Adam&Steve to not only make great music with fantastic artists, but also work with up and coming artists in the queer community.”

Take a listen to the song “Wherever You Are” below!

Written by Will Heffernan