Adele Plans Australian 2017 Tour!

We love Adele, and so do some fans from Australia!

The Australian fans decided to travel to a Minnesota show to see her in concert. When Adele learned about this, she announced, on the stage, “I’m planning an Australian tour now. Why don’t we get your info and when the Sydney show happens, you can come, on us.”

Adele Announces Australian 2017 Tour! 1

Shortly after she made the announcement, Adele backtracked by saying “Well…if the tour happens. I always say things when I’m not supposed to.”

Bad Timing

As much as we, would love for Adele to have a tour down under, where she has never toured before, there are some scheduling issues. Adele has said she wants to be in London when her son, Angelo, starts school, which is only one of the problems with her doing an Australia tour next year. Adele is also planning on attending the Grammy Awards next year on February 12, meaning she will be in L.A.

Adele’s previous tour was shortened due to vocal problems that required surgery. The British singer’s present tour is currently scheduled to finish off in Mexico on November 16, without any 2017 show dates scheduled. Although, some Australian promoters have been in an intense bidding war with Adele to convince her into extending her tour into next year with shows in Australia. This could be a problem seeing as Adele has stated that the current tour for her 25 album will be her last for a while.

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Written by CelebMix