Adele Reportedly In Talks To Star In New Movie Adaptation Of ‘Oliver!’

Adele is reportedly in talks to star in a new adaptation of the musical ‘Oliver!’

Various media outlets report that the ‘Hello’ singer is in secret talks with legendary musical producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh to play the role of Nancy, the lover of villain Bill Sykes in the musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic novel.

Sources close to the Adele say that the singer feels that by taking the role she would be a facing a ‘new challenge’ and is also excited by the fact her four-year-old son Angelo could appreciate it too.

“It would be a major part for her and she’s seriously considering it.”

“She’s talked about Angelo being her number one priority and she sees this as a role that he could appreciate too.”

“It would be a new challenge for her but one she would definitely be up for.”

The new production of ‘Oliver!’ will reportedly see Sir Cameron Mackintosh team up Working Title Films, who previously worked on the film adaptation of ‘Les Miserables’ in 2012.

Should Adele chose to take the role of Nancy, it will be her first film role.

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Written by Philip Logan

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