AJ Wander Releases Breathtakingly Beautiful “Take It All”

London based musician, songwriter and performer AJ Wander effortlessly blends folk, cinematic pop and rock for an enthralling listen. His latest single is called “Take It All” and the artist released a dynamic accompanying live performance video to accompany the track.

In “Take It All”, AJ Wander explores the end of a relationship that has gone bad. From hanging on to a hope for a love that isn’t healthy as well as living in the past, the songwriter foretells how suffocating it can be to not walk away from a situation that doesn’t serve you. With soaring soul drenched vocals to driving emotive piano landscapes, and climatic bass lines, “Take It All” is a sweeping and captivating anthem of goodbye. In the performance video, Wander’s otherworldly and engaging vocals take center stage with a sparse warehouse backdrop further highlighting the song’s theme of loneliness and discomfort.

AJ Wander was surrounded by music at an early age. The son of a piano man, a young AJ entrenched himself in music, finding it cathartic and a form of self-therapy. The prolific songwriter hopes that his music will touch others confiding, “The songs I write mean the world to me. There would be nothing more amazing than to see them mean something to others too.”

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Written by LeahBlack

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