Album Review: Alex & Sierra’s “As Seen On TV”

On 30 September 2016, Alex & Sierra will release their new album As Seen On TV. We were lucky enough to receive a signed copy of the album before it’s release.

There are eight tracks on this album, five of which are cover versions, and the other three are original songs. In promotion of the album, Alex & Sierra released “Toxic“, “Take Me“, “You’re The One That I Want” and “Say My Name” as instant grat singles.

The album in itself really proves why Alex & Sierra was worthy winners of the third season of The X Factor (US). Their voices melt together beautifully, creating perfect harmonies you’ll never hear anywhere else. Yet, singularly Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton really show their vocal capabilities. They go beyond our expectations.

Watch and listen to the music video to Alex & Sierra’s “Toxic”:

The first five tracks on the album are cover songs, which they previously sang live on The X Factor. These are Britney Spears’ “Toxic“, “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease, Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name“, A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something”, and Sara Bareilles “Gravity”.

All five tracks are performed beautifully by the duo; they make each song their own, changing it until it’s almost unrecognisable. Each cover version is stunning, but “Say My Name” is definitely the stand-out track. Beautiful throughout, we can’t stop listening to this on repeat.

Listen to Alex & Sierra’s version of Grease’s “You’re The One That I Want”:

We remember Alex & Sierra performing “Say Something” on The X Factor; the song felt like it was made for them. Three years on and their cover, of this song, is even better worked as a studio version. Full of emotion and totally sweet, this song feels totally real. “Gravity” follows after, it too is emotional and full of soul. Alex Kinsey really steps up on this track, proving he can pull off a great falsetto as well, but Sierra Deaton’s high notes are flawless.

Here’s the stand-out track on the album, listen to “Say My Name”:

The last three tracks are original Alex & Sierra songs. “Take Me“, “You Will Find Me” and “Animals” all give something new and magical to this album. “Take Me” was released as an instant grat single; it’s totally strong and plays around with their amazing harmonies.

“You Will Find Me” is like the cutest song we’ve ever heard. We all want that special someone who will find us when we are lost; this is what Alex & Sierra are to each other. In the song, they are clearly singing to each other, they totally end up serenading each other together. Totally sweet and meaningful with completely solid vocals.

Lastly, “Animals” completes this album with a brilliant outro of a song. It’s freaky and haunting, with amazing strong vocals and superb harmonies, all wrapped up with great studio work, this finishes the album like no other track could.

Here’s “Take Me”, one of Alex & Sierra’s original tracks on the album:

This album may only have eight tracks, and only three original ones at that, but don’t let that rule your decision to listen to this. As Seen On TV is the album you need in your life. It’s one we can’t stop listening to on repeat. It’s solid, it’s strong, it’s powerful, it’s emotional. There is just not enough words to describe how perfect and beautiful this album is.

Alex & Sierra have totally outdone themselves. The cover songs, on the album, are much more polished than their original live versions, that were performed on The X Factor. Their original songs are sensational; they fit flawlessly with the cover versions, so much so that they belong together. This album is the complete package.

If you’re a fan of The Girl and The Dreamcatcher (also known as Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan) then you will totally love Alex & Sierra. Actually, we’d love a duet, we can only hope for this to happen.

What do you make of As Seen On TV? What’s your favourite song from the album? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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