ALBUM REVIEW: Clare Bowen’s Self-Titled Release

Clare Bowen is best known for her portrayal of Scarlett O’Connor on the hit US drama Nashville. But this Summer the series came to its final conclusion after six years and now Australian singer and actress Bowen is ready to take on the world with her own music.

On Friday (August 31st) she releases her long awaited and eagerly anticipated debut self-titled album and here we review the LP in full before its release:

The record starts with the official lead single ‘Let It Rain’ which has become a huge fan favourite and is simply a stunning piece of music that washes away any worries you may have. Clare’s vocals are sublime and the message of letting your problems drift away is truly inspiring. It’s a huge country track that acts as a fantastic opening for the LP.

Up next is ‘Doors & Corridors’. This is more stripped back than ‘Let It Rain’ and it really allows Bowen’s vocal ability to shine. Her tone is divine and this track with its beautiful lyrics really allows us to hear her full range. It’s a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that is a real gem.

At number 3 is ‘Tide Rolls In’. This funky track has been a fan favourite since Clare performed it during the Nashville Live Tour and it fits perfectly on this album. It’s quirky track with a brilliant production and it shows another side to Bowen.

Next up is ‘Aves’ Song’ which has an infectious start with plenty of “oohs” from Bowen, it builds to a stunning ballad. This has a real country vibe and is a real standout on the LP. It showcases Clare’s vocals and highlights her true talents to the world.

At number 5 is the guitar led ‘All The Beds I’ve Made’. It’s a stunning track about lost and everlasting love that is a breathtakingly beautiful ballad. This song really showcases everything that is to be loved about Clare Bowen. The added male vocals take it to another level and it’s one of the best on the album.

Up next is ‘Lullabye’ which during our exclusive interview with Clare Bowen earlier this month was the one track she admitted she couldn’t wait for fans to hear. And it’s no surprise that she wanted listeners to hear this one as it is a real special one that standouts from the rest. It’s a truly inspirational track that will make your heart lighter.

At number 7 is ‘Sweet William’ which is another stripped back country infused track that highlights the hauntingly beautiful vocal tone of Bowen. It’s a really sweet song that fits nicely into the middle of the LP and will no doubt become a fan favourite.

‘Lijah & The Shadow’ is at number 8 and the acoustic guitar heavy track is another breathtaking piece of pure lyrical beauty that highlights the talents Clare possesses. It’s like nothing we have ever heard from the US based singer before and it takes her into new territory but it fits her beautifully.

Number 9 is ‘Little By Little’ which is another favourite from the Nashville Live Tour’. Fans will be delighted that this made the final cut for this record as it has become a huge favourite across the world. It’s a truly stunning song that is real highlight on the record and deserves to become a single.

Up next is ‘Grace Of God & You’. This track is truly sensational and is a wonderful penultimate track on the album and ties in nicely with the themes on the 11 track LP. It is a really stunning piece of Country that showcases Bowen’s vocals.

The album comes to a close with the truly fantastic ‘Warrior’. Clare chose the perfect track to bring her debut effort to an end as it envelopes every track on the record and ties up everything we have already heard. It’s sensational song.

Overall Clare Bowen’s self-titled album is a truly brilliant Country album that infuses modern day influences and creates a seamless story of believing in yourself. It’s a standout record that will become a huge hit.

RATING: 4.5/5

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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