Album Review: Cupcakke’s Ephorize “A Sonically Liberating Rap Album”

From dancehall to latin beats, rapper Cupcakke shows the world no boundaries. 

Rating: A+

From tackling double standards to introducing a new LGBTQ+ anthem, Elizabeth Eden Harris also known as Cupcakke takes flight with her third self-released studio album Ephorize.

A subtle piano accompaniment starts off the self-empowerment song “2 Minutes”. While it may sound like a cliche message, it’s one that readily tells the listener to get your day started and not be afraid of the impending things that could get in your way. Regardless, it’s life.

“Crayons” readily stands out from the pile, bolding a dancehall/reggae instrumental. The rapper celebrates and defends the LGBTQ+ community throughly and the song surely confirms that the first queer anthem of 2018 is finally here.

Cupcakke is known for being a huge LGBTQ+ advocate. She’s helped LGBTQ+ youth and the homeless through her social media. Her second EP ‘Queen Elizabeth’ was met with positive reviews.

In songs like “Self Interview”, double standards are tackled. A huge issue being male and female sexuality. She explains that while men get praised for having sex (one night stands, etc) females immediately get negatively labeled and bashed inappropriately all-around. From the worldly bamboo flute accompaniment in “Navel” to the reassured and sexually brash “Spoiled Milk T*****s”, there are no musical limits present in Ephorize.

“Fullest” is the luscious Latin pop and Pop rap tune that takes the album to new heights following the trumpeter domination of earlier released pop songs like Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’.

With female rappers dominating international charts, there’s always room for more representation. Ephorize holds it’s own tunes fairly well and with sonically powerful sounds and instrumentals, there’s no better way to introduce an original rap gem than this.

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.