Track-By-Track Album Review: Joey Devries – Magic

Talented singer-songwriter Joey Devries has released his debut album, titled ‘Magic’. The album features eight original songs, which include ‘Long Way Home’, ‘What It Feels Like’, and ‘For The Better’. This album provides fans with the opportunity to hear what Joey has been working hard on since he pursued his solo career back in 2014, following a stint in boy band Overload Generation. He has released several singles and an EP; however, with his debut album, comes a host of new tracks for fans to enjoy.

Here at CelebMix, we have reviewed Joey’s album. Check out our review below!

1. ‘Right Here’ 

This is the perfect first track to the album, providing a preview of what can be expected from the remainder of the album. ‘Right Here’ takes on quite a different sound to some of the material Joey has released previously. The new album no doubt represents a new chapter in his musical journey – we absolutely love this upbeat track!

2. ‘Long Way Home’ 

This track can be viewed as a contrast to ‘Right Here’ – also being extremely upbeat. It’s already clear that this album has a range of sounds. This showcases Joey’s diversity and versatility as an artist. Just like ‘Right Here’, ‘Long Way Home’ makes you want to get up and dance while singing along to the catchy lyrics.

3. ‘Make You Want Me’ 

‘Make You Want Me’ is definitely one of our favourites from the album! The upbeat nature of the track also showcases Joey’s incredible vocals, with an emphasis on the use of various pieces of musical equipment throughout the track. We also sensed a few hints to his debut EP ‘Real Me’, which was released at the end of 2016.

4. ‘Magic’ 

Prior to the release of the album, a music video for this track was released, allowing fans to anticipate what could be expected from the album. The music video was directed by popular music video director Chris Brooker. In addition, the track has extremely clever and well thought out lyrics, which fit together extremely well.

5. ‘What It Feels Like’ 

This is another upbeat track, again representing another sound to the album. Just as in ‘Make You Want Me’, we sensed a hint to his EP, with the lyrics from the track. As well as being upbeat, the track shows off his vocals. This is another track that is extremely catchy – we just love it!

6. ‘Never Got A Chance’ 

Even though this track is relatively upbeat, it’s slightly slower than other tracks on the album. It has a different sound to it and can be described as one of the more stripped-back tracks on this album. ‘Never Got A Chance’ is definitely one track that we can’t wait to hear him perform live, along with the rest of the album!

7. ‘For The Better’ 

This is an extremely acoustic track, and the raw beauty of the track shines through. It allows Joey’s vocals to be on display. ‘For The Better’ is also extremely emotional and powerful, focusing on moving on from a person and making positive changes. This track is truly beautiful and showcases raw talent.

8. ‘Caught Up’ 

In contrast to the previous track, this is extremely upbeat, rounding up the album nicely, truly proving Joey’s talent as not only a singer, but also as a songwriter. ‘Caught Up’ is extremely catchy, just like many other songs on the album, and we love this track!

Joey is embarking on an album signing tour around the UK and Ireland throughout October. Tickets can be bought by clicking here.

If you haven’t already, you can buy Joey Devries’ debut album ‘Magic’ from iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster